Caffeine? Who needs caffeine?

I walked into one of my first patients’ rooms last the other night, and saw this 3 Lead strip sitting on the counter:

It was for a different patient.

Took me a minute to recover, though…


  1. FakeBritishGuy says:

    …’re not trying to say something are you?

  2. That EKG has all the look of pre-morbid hyperkalemia… typical “M” sign and all. Be interesting to know what the number was…

    Still, this tracing is also a good example of our exceptional monitors that have an 85% false positive alarm rate. Asystole? No.

  3. Sergio Morabito says:

    Almost “sine wave ECG”…

  4. I am just wondering what’s the connection of the ecg graph to caffeine? Is the patient’s graph?