Impeding progress

Dr. Edwin Leap (he of the excellently written and quite frequently updated has started a second blog, to which he seeks submissions.

I think from the title of his new effort,  Impeding progress, you can get a feel for what he’s after.

Interesting idea, and while it’ll give all of a place to vent our spleens, I find blogs that are all negative rants to be cringeworthy after a while. I’m sure Dr. Leap (whom I met at ACEP this year, and he didn’t know me from Adam), will do a good editorial job.

So, go hither and submit your case of impeding progress!


  1. Beverly Nuckols says:

    That clip is terrible. But I laughed.

  2. I really like the idea. Hopefully this information can help people “wake up” to what is really going on.

  3. USAF wench says:

    That was one of the more bogus things I’ve read lately. What he means is his version of God, specifically fundamentalist Christianity probably mixed with a strong dose of Dominionism. Does he really think that the folks who don’t riot, aren’t addicted, and aren’t committing a variety of health frauds all believe in the “God of our Fathers?” Do you suppose he’s taking advantage of the Biblical laws stating that he can have up to 4 wives and additional concubines? Does he stone people for mixing linen and wool? I mean, damn, I know he’s from Texas and all but if this is an example of his reasoning skills I’d think long and hard before seeing him for medical care.

    Guess he thinks all those unemployed types in the US are whinging, lazy, irresponsible, and “looking for a handout”. Same for people that had to drop out of school due to financial problems. Oh well, they were probably doing oxys, eh?

    The Germans are way to the left of us, are much more tightly regulated in the business sphere, didn’t outsource their industries, have a large trade school system, and surprise! They’re doing fairly well right now. Oh yeah, they don’t believe in the “Gods of our Fathers”, either.