New Texas rain gauge

Forwarded by mom, one of those ‘the internet is your dad’ memes:


New Texas Rain Gauge:


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    Supermom just learned a new word!!

  2. I provide an educational service… heh.

    I hope this means the word “meme”, and not that I’ve misspelled something normal.

  3. Sorry to say but I think it’s too big for a rain gauge in Texas these days. One of the few things that aren’t “bigger” in Texas.

  4. Spider Johnson says:

    I’m pleased to learn how viral my photo has become. To see how I amended it, go to

    [GD: when I follow this link I get ‘content not found’. Anyone else able to see it?]

  5. Spider Johnson says:

    Try this one:

    I see that you have posted my photo on your website.  I’m pleased to learn how viral it has become.  I am conducting an informal survey to see how far it has traveled, so if you have knowledge of any cities/locations where it has been viewed, please let me know.

    Here’s a new link to the photo: