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A Calling for Entries in the 2011 Charles Prize for Poetry Contest

Announcing the second annual Poetry Contest!

An award will be given to the writer who submits for consideration the most outstanding poem within the realm of health, science, or medicine.

The contest starts today and ends September 31st, 2011. The winners will be chosen shortly thereafter by an elite group of 8 judges (other doctors, friends with literary training, and select bloggers).

via A Calling for Entries in the 2011 Charles Prize for Poetry Contest.

I’d love to see a limerick win. Make me proud…

Is the UT System Preparing for a New Medical School? — Higher Education | The Texas Tribune

The headline is disingenuous: yes, there’s a Med School headed for Austin. Congrats, Brackendridge!

Kinda amusing tale after the quote:

Lawmakers and local leaders are hopeful a plan unanimously adopted at Thursday’s University of Texas System Board of Regents meeting means they could finally get what they’ve long been waiting for: a new medical school.

One of the elements of the plan outlined by Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa is to “advance medical education and research in Austin.” Even before Thursday’s meeting ended, state Sen. Kirk Watson issued a press release reading between the lines, calling for the creation of a flagship health science center and medical school in Austin. “Within the next 30 days, I plan to offer a path – and a challenge for our community – to build on [Cigarroa’s] statement so we realize these goals that so many of us have shared for so long,” Watson said. “It’s time for Austin to come together and act, creating a flagship initiative that can fortify our future and lead the world in the fields of medical education, healthcare and bioscience.”

via Is the UT System Preparing for a New Medical School? — Higher Education | The Texas Tribune.

For those interested in the funny politics of a med school in Austin, you have to look back to the 1970’s.

In the 70’s, during a meeting of the Ledge, there was money set aside for a new Med School. It allegedly was understood by all involved that this school would go to Austin, but it wasn’t spelled out directly. Then, in one of those things that only happens when you have a strong Lieutenant Governor who happened to be from Lubbock, in the last minute a rider was stuck onto an unrelated bill attaching all the money and authorization of the MD School bill to Texas Tech.

From the tales (and I was between 7 and 13 at the time, so I’m literally blameless here), there was a great gnashing of teeth, but it was for naught. My Med School came to fruition, and I’m glad for it, as I graduated from that school several years later.

Amusing history, later corrected.

(Had Austin gotten a school earlier, would Tech ever have gotten one? I say nay).

I predict that Austin will not lack for med student applicants.  I’m daring, it’s true.

Ohio Congressman Has Cops Confiscate Cameras At Town Hall Meeting | Pixiq

This is kinda political, and as you shouldn’t give a fig about what I think of politics, please skip it. I’m doing it a) to vent my spleen about a stupid Congressional stunt and to show that I’d rather call out conservatives who behave badly than fill my blog with finger pointing that “they’re the problem” while remaining deathly quiet when their side screws up.

(I’m sorta little L libertarian, mostly, and will never be electable as I’m ‘a little for a, a little from b’ in my political leanings).

So a REPUBLICAN Congressman (Ohio) is afraid of bad publicity at a Town Hall meeting, so he gets the Cops to do his official suppression and intimidation, and they then did it!?

Talk about someone you shouldn’t buy a used car from, let alone vote for. Imperious behavior tells you everything you need to know about what he thinks of his constituents.

(I don’t live in OH, and won’t get the chance to vote against this idiot, but if you’re in his district it’d be worth the effort to have him thrown out).


August 23, 2011 @ 9:39PM

Ohio Congressman Has Cops Confiscate Cameras At Town Hall Meeting

Steve Chabot had two cameras confiscated in public meeting

By Carlos Miller -…

Hoping to prevent an embarrassing Youtube video from making the rounds, Republican Congressman Steve Chabot of Ohio ordered police to confiscate cameras from people attending a town hall meeting Monday night.

The result was two embarrassing Youtube videos that are sure to make the rounds.

The first video shows a police officer confiscating a video camera from a woman in the audience as television news videographers record the interaction.

The second video shows a police officer confiscating a man’s iPhone as it recorded, capturing the dialogue between the two.

The cop tells the man that he is not allowed to record the event “to protect the constituents.”

Meanwhile, televisions news crews were videotaping openly.

via Ohio Congressman Has Cops Confiscate Cameras At Town Hall Meeting | Pixiq.

Also note, now this idiot has videos that show the cops grabbing cameras, which is way, way worse than anything a Think Progress noodlehead could come up with in a YouTube rant. We fully expect nonsensical behavior from them, not official suppression and intimidation from an elected official. Thanks for proving the noodleheads’ point.


Dr. Wes: On Closure

Nice post!

“Closure” is the time in medicine where we either revel in our success or squirm in our failure. It’s where we must face the music – good or bad – with our patients. More often than not, it’s the time for doctors that brings meaning to our efforts and the hours we work.

via Dr. Wes: On Closure.

Doctor Charged In Mexico, U.S. Prescription Drug Ring |


The 17-month investigation culminated with the arrest of Dr. Tyron Reece, a 71-year-old general practitioner who runs a solo practice in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood.

Reece wrote 920,000 prescriptions last year for hydrocodone, which is commonly sold under the brand names Vicodin and Lortab, authorities said. That averages to 35 prescriptions a day, typically for 100 pills each.

via Doctor Charged In Mexico, U.S. Prescription Drug Ring |

Umm, 92,000,000 narcotic pills. 92 Million. Wow.

Forklift operator held after police chase of up 16 mph | Crime and Safety | News from Fo…

FORT WORTH — A Fort Worth man remained in custody Tuesday on suspicion that led police on a brief chase on a forklift through a street and then a highway during the weekend before he stopped on Interstate 30.

Authorities believe the 43-year-old man stole the forklift from a construction site on Rosedale Street.

Police said that Raines almost hit several vehicles including patrol cars during the chase which only reached speeds of 16 mph.

via Forklift operator held after police chase of up 16 mph | Crime and Safety | News from Fo….


Suture for a Living: Changes

Wow. Imagine stopping being a surgeon. It’s such a part of your life, your identity.

Due to many things, I will be closing my practice over the next few months and going to work for the Arkansas Disability Determination Services DDS. I only recently made the final interview and signed the contract. My first day there will be October 3rd. I don’t want to discuss the reasons, but I want you to know how difficult a decision this has been for me.

via Suture for a Living: Changes.

We’re lucky she shares what she does with us, and I hope someday she can tell us what happened, if only to give courage to other docs looking at a career transition.


Best of Luck, Dr. Bates!

BBC News – F1 team grants teenager hand wish

Very cool. Good for all involved.

A Formula One fan has had his wish of a new bionic hand fulfilled after a plucky letter to boss of the Mercedes GP Petronas team, Ross Brawn.

via BBC News – F1 team grants teenager hand wish.

Ever want something, then realize you didn’t want it?

I have a few things I really like. Vacation trips to SoCal (nearly always to Disneyland), silly and trivial but fun events there, and a nearly Holy Grail trip to In-N-Out Burger are some of my favorites. I’m easy to please, really. Attainable fun and gastronomic happiness in one trip. Bliss.

(I’m not an expert on pleasure. I’m the weirdest extrovert you’ll meet, in that I will include everyone very happily in my public life, and by that I mean I have a blog, I tell people about all the superficial things in my life (I just had my pond filled in, and I have bored everyone at work with that), I’ve blogged a lot of things people know about, and I keep my private life and friends private. You might be surprised that things happen I don’t blog. You might not. It depends on what you know of me.)

Therefore, things I like I tend to Really Like. This explains why I go to the same places for fun. I’m sure there’s a psychological problem/answer there.

As if by magic, one of the forbidden SoCal-only objects has been deposited in my world: In-N-Out has come to Mohammed. (I’m not Mohammed, it’s a metaphor, no bombings please). My anticipation, thrill really, was shared by the family. To say we’ve followed the construction and timeline of this Parthenon of Patties would be an understatement. Never in the history of our collective, extended family has one fast food joint focused our attention so meatily.

I had the Forbidden Burger tonight! And, it was a burger. Away from its normal surroundings, the pseudo-exotic locale, it was a decent burger, average fries, and a good milkshake. (My choice is not for the calorie conscious).

I felt like I finally had a date with the Prom Queen and found out she’s a shallow, dumb person who also isn’t into me. (I’m not personalizing this intentionally, except it’s personal). I could taste the disappointment. Pun intended.

My title isn’t quite right. I wanted it, I got it, and the failure was mine. It was a good burger, perfectly adequate, served with a smile, and as close in taste as a 1,500 mile breach can be. It’s that it wasn’t eaten There, in The Place. And therefore it wasn’t right. Dang it.

Now I’ve diminished something I liked, a lot, and have learned the big lesson. Don’t screw up the things you like, and where you like things is a huge component as to why they’re liked.

I’ve lost something I’ve loved, and now at best I can like it again, in its rightful place, someday. Context matters.

That would have been a better title. I just had to work through it.

Colorectal Surgeon’s Song

It’s from 2006, but new to me.



Obamacare is Unconstitutional | Snowflakes in Hell

Obamacare is Unconstitutional | Snowflakes in Hell.

His take is exactly correct. I’d love to post it here, but it’s short and to the point. Go, read.

TrendsMD: TMLT’s blog

TrendsMD is the blog of Texas Medical Liability Trust, and it has some informative things on it.

I look forward to the first insurer blog flamewar, though….

In-N-Out Burger to debut Thursday on West Seventh | Business | Dallas Business, Texas Bu…

So, I have my Thursday morning figured out…

FORT WORTH — In-N-Out Burger — the California chain with a cultlike following for such items as Animal Style burgers with mustard fried into the patties — opens its first Tarrant County restaurant at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at 2900 W. Seventh St. in Fort Worth.

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Your Feel Good story of the week: Actions that make heroes |

Good for the Warrant Officer:

A historic Colt .45-caliber, semi-automatic pistol stolen more than 30 years ago from a Medal of Honor winner in South Carolina has been returned to its rightful owner.

The gun and owner were reunited after a history buff in Medford, who bought the old handgun in an online auction last month, tracked down the retired Marine whose name is engraved on it.

via Actions that make heroes |

Go, and read how Former Marine (and then US Navy Warrant Officer) George Berry did this wonderful thing.

HT: Jim in Plano


Dr. Wes: How My iPhone Prevented an ER Visit (with screenshots)

We are darned close to ‘the future is now’. (The only way to improve this would be for the AICD to send its info for critical alarms without requiring the patient to act, but that’s another can ‘o worms).

It’s one of those calls you never want to get as an electrophysiologist:

“Doc, I got four shocks from my device yesterday.”

via Dr. Wes: How My iPhone Prevented an ER Visit (with screenshots).

Nice post, and your ED colleagues thank you!