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€gads! | The Weekly Standard

A remarkably well written and approachable look at the Eurozone financial problems, and ours.

Merkel cannot say no. She leads the country whose arrogant un-neighborliness the European Union was set up to abolish. But she cannot say yes without violating the law and colluding in the looting of the people who voted her into office. So she and her government are in the position of a man who yearns to get divorced but has religious scruples against it.

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Paul, I Accept Your Resignation | TechCrunch

Apparently, even an open handed slap can leave a mark. If it’s public enough.

Paul Carr, one of our columnists who was hired for his grandstanding ways, has decided to fall on his own sword and quit very publicly on TechCrunch. I believe this is the second or third time he’s quit in public in the past couple weeks. I keep losing count. He thinks he is somehow being loyal to Mike and standing up for the editorial independence of the site. But he is not. He is just grandstanding.

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Read the rest, and enjoy. I suspect this isn’t over….

Coked up: Man had 72 drug bags in belly – World news – Americas –

First, a startling CT image at their site, and after you see that, a little Emergency Medicine:

Brazilian police have released X-ray images of an Irishman they allege swallowed dozens of cocaine capsules in an attempt to smuggle the drug out of Sao Paolo….

The medical images show 72 bags packed with the drug in his gastrointestinal tract.

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From the CT image (which is cool, go see it) this represents the forethought-involved “Packer”, as opposed to the ‘cheese it, it’s the cops, swallow the drugs’ “Stuffer”.

Packers think ahead, carry a lot of drugs, and (if memory serves) are more likely to die if their packaging ruptures. Stuffers, though, are much more likely to show symptoms, get brought to ED’s (via the cops), and live to stuff another day.

I wonder what 2 pounds of cocaine sells for in Ireland…  (It’s not enough to spend the rest of your life in a Brazilian prison).