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What Went Wrong at the Reno Air Races – P-51 Crash – Popular Mechanics

Trim tab.

Today the National Transportation Safety Board released its first report on the Reno Air Race crash that killed P-51 pilot Jimmy Leeward and 10 others. We did our own digging, talking to racers and crew members with years of experience at Reno about what went wrong. A small flap’s failure probably caused this deadly crash—but the accident could have been much worse.

via What Went Wrong at the Reno Air Races – P-51 Crash – Popular Mechanics.

Backgrounder on trim tabs here.

Obama Administration to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns

This underestimates the increased cost by a huge factor…

Remember how Obama recently waived new ozone regulations at the EPA because they were too costly? Well, it seems that the Obama administration is would rather make people with Asthma cough up money than let them make a surely inconsequential contribution to depleting the ozone layer:

Asthma patients who rely on over-the-counter inhalers will need to switch to prescription-only alternatives as part of the federal government’s latest attempt to protect the Earth’s atmosphere.

…But the switch to a greener inhaler will cost consumers more. Epinephrine inhalers are available via online retailers for around $20, whereas the alternatives, which contain the drug albuterol, range from $30 to $60.via Obama Administration to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns.

I added the bold in the quote to show where the increased cost is coming from: these people (who were buying these old inhalers without a prescription) are now going to have to see someone with a prescription pad, pay for that visit, and then go buy the more expensive inhalers.

The FDA made the prescription inhaler manufacturers take out the CFC’s a few years ago, and the prices of those inhalers went up substantially.

For the record, I think all these inhalers should be OTC: they’re safe and affective. Off the top of my head, 90% of the meds on the WalMart $4 list should be OTC as well.

Ford door protector takes the sting out of dings – Autoweek

It’s the future, as predicted from the ’70’s. Sure, no jetpacks, but at least Europeans can have automatic door ding protectors.

Ford officials in the United States say they have no plans right now to offer the door protector here. But they said they will watch to see how popular it is in Europe and might change their minds later.

“Any system that can reduce the risk of damage to your own or someone else’s vehicle is worthy of recognition, but one that operates so effectively without affecting the looks or performance is particularly noteworthy,” said Matthew Avery, crash and safety research manager at Thatcham, a U.K. motor-insurance repair research center.

via Ford door protector takes the sting out of dings – Autoweek.

Which I’d bet will be standard here in 3 years.