9/11 ten years later

I try not to think about this, as it makes me sad and deeply angry. Neither is good for me in the long run. Embarrassingly, I have yet to watch United 93. I need to, but I don’t want to. I know I won’t be happy with my reaction. Tears and rage are a bad mix.

Yeah, lotta I’s in that paragraph. Others died, many were amazingly heroic, most were innocent victims. Life is like that, deeply unfair.

My post last year on this says most of what I have to say from a personal perspective. Nothing profound.

Since then a few friends, and a zillion people I’ve never met but owe a huge debt of gratitude to have literally gone to war to do their duty, and hopefully prevent a recurrence of a cowardly attack on the US. I think some luck and a lot of skill is why we haven’t been hit again. Thank Yous to all our men and women in uniform, then and now. I need to buy a lifetime of beers…

And, My First Haiku:

Never Forgive
and Never Forget.
Bin Laden is fishfood
I’m happy ’bout that.

Eternal Vigilance is the price of Freedom. Note: not giving away our rights in a vain plea for safety and security. Don’t let that happen.


  1. these anniversaries really force us to reflect, and marvel at the individual acts of courage on that day and beyond.
    nicely said regarding fish food.