Announcing Guess-a-Nobel 2011

MedGadget has an interesting contest going on:

Six days from today, the Nobel committee will begin announcing this year’s prize winners, starting with Physiology or Medicine on Monday, Physics on Tuesday, and Chemistry on Wednesday. Although a spectator sport, we try to turn these prizes into a competition anyone can participate in by guessing this year’s winners. Simply leave a comment at DocThink, our new site for clinicians to ask and answer medical questions, with the names of those you think should win for each category and you can win an Apple TV. If you manage to guess all three, we’ll get you a brand spanking new iPad 2.

Rules of the game:

via Announcing Guess-a-Nobel 2011.

I’m guessing you have to read different blogs than I do to have a clue what’s going on in the real Nobels…