Happy Birthday, Honey!

We love you a lot! Your life has progressed in the last seven years (see the following post), we’ve been happy to have raised you (so far), and we wish you the best. First year out of the teens. Congrats. Still can’t drink.

Looking at the blog I found this trip down memory lane turned up this ‘gem’ from several years ago:

Today’s the first day of teendom for my littlest girl. She still talks to me, and that’s encouraging, but usually only about horses, or how much she loves horses, or how I should get her a horse.

Tonight we were eating TCBY, and I commented how tall something was. “It’s about 13 hands” was her reply. Horse crazy.

However, no horse this year, and she’s OK with it (though secretly resentful, in the way I still am that I didn’t get either an airplane or a motorcycle for my 13th birthday).

Happy Birthday, sweetheart

Happy Birthday, honey, from all of us. You are loved more than you can know.

It’s also the birthday of one of my Aunts, so Happy Birthday Aunt Sue!

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  1. Congrats, man — once they hit 20-ish they become almost human-like. You’ve made it through the worst of it!

  2. Beary Potter says:

    I recognize the cars and the dog! I can’t believe your daughter has grown so quickly! Happy Birthday from K & P in Dallas!