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ACEP Scientific Assembly 2011

Update: Seems I’m not alone, I got this today (October 4th):

Due to a printer error, some course tickets do not match course schedules in the mailed packets. Corrections have been made by the printer and were mailed on October 4. Please bring both packets with you to San Francisco. If you do not receive your corrected tickets before you leave for San Francisco, a set will be waiting for you at ACEP Registration, Moscone Center South.

Well, good. Here’s hoping the correct ones arrive on time.

Original post: I have a problem. I didn’t get what I needed from the pre-registration for this years’ SA.

When I look online, I have a full schedule, Sat-Tuesday, and while this makes me an extra-special dork, it makes me sad.

Sad, as yesterday I got my SA materials (kudos for the effort!) which have me with 2 classes on Saturday, 3 on Sunday, a full boat on Monday and none on Tuesday. Bonus, you say, but you’re wrong (again).

I just checked the ACEP SA site, and I have all the classes I signed up for online, which makes me think there’s a big disconnect between the SA site and what ACEP sent me. This matters, as ACEP gives us ‘tickets’ for every class, which are checked at the door, and in the immortal words of Indiana Jones, “No Ticket!”.

Wish me luck in about 9 days doing battle with the nice people at the registration desk…