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World’s first malaria vaccine works in major trial | Reuters

Okay, like all of us I want an effective and safe malaria vaccine, and the tone of the article is hopeful. But…

The trial is still going on, but researchers who analyzed data from the first 6,000 children found that after 12 months of follow-up, three doses of RTS,S reduced the risk of children experiencing clinical malaria and severe malaria by 56 percent and 47 percent, respectively.

Loucq said widespread use of insecticide-treated bednets in the trial — by 75 percent of people taking part — showed that RTS,S can provide significant protection on top of other existing malaria control methods.

via World’s first malaria vaccine works in major trial | Reuters.

We’ll have to read the study, but if you’re mixing a change in bednet use AND a new vaccine, well, let’s hope they were measuring what they thought they were.

Alternate Spelling?

I was recently at ACEP’s Scientific Assembly in San Francisco, and once again ACEP did a very good job of getting the whole shebang organized. I think I saw that there were about 5,800 attendees, which isn’t many compared with some meetings, but for Emergency Medicine docs it was the second-most attended (after last years’ in Las Vegas).

There are exhibitors there, and while the theme of the year was ‘win an iPad’, EMR’s and Scribes, it was a good turnout and I enjoyed talking to the vendors.

I bring this up to point out an anomalous spelling that snuck through (and it’s not ACEP’s miss, I don’t think). Right inside the main doors there’s a very cool, touch screen gadget to find a particular exhibitor by name, type, etc with an interactive map. Really Cool.

And, it had this:

Aah, well.

Meeting of the Minds

@movinmeat and myself meet with ACEP Immediate Past President Angela Gardner ( @ACEPHeadliner ).