‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Submariner style

Pretty neat.



  1. Hey! My son’s in there!!!!

  2. Obviously all coners. Back aft there is no such thing as Christmas. Ever. I had a shipmate who lost his nuclear quals 2330 Christmas eve-when a naval reactors rep saw him wearing a santa hat on rounds.

    Equivlent in the EM world “Doc, you wore a santa hat in the ED. You are on half pay for two months..and by the way you must retake your boards”.

    Glen in Texas
    NNPS 8204 S1WD CGN40

  3. Glen,
    they all pronounce it ‘sub-maaREEner’ and not, as I would have suspected ‘sub-marin-er’. Why?

  4. Why oh why oh why are they wearing camouflage? Who’s going to see them?