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American Airlines, this is a problem

Dear AA,

I appreciate all the good to great service over the years, so this is why, in the spirit of improving our relationship, I offer this constructive criticism:

For those unfamiliar with DFW, the gates are always related to the terminal. So the terminal being B and the gate starting with D, that’s a disconnect.

I figured it out, but only after asking a terminal B curbside bag fellow which was real, and the answer was that the Terminal B was incorrect, it was supposed to be D.

No harm, no foul. A learning experience. From a friend.

Doc Fix Just Got More Expensive

Sustainable. They keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means…

Permanent repeal of the flawed Medicare payment formula known as the Sustainable Growth Rate just got a lot more expensive….

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Official 2012 Honda CR-V Game Day Commercial – “Matthew’s Day Off” Extended Version – YouTube

Laugh, and enjoy!


Official 2012 Honda CR-V Game Day Commercial – “Matthew’s Day Off” Extended Version – YouTube.

Save 50% at

I recommend these. They’re terrific. Get ’em while they last.

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I have some (Full disclosure, I got some gifted to me by their designer/owner, and I like ’em. A lot.)

Crime Time: Juror arrested for trying to enter Fort Worth courthouse with loaded gun

This isn’t the part that made me roll my eyes:

FORT WORTH — A juror was arrested Tuesday morning as she attempted to enter a courthouse with a loaded handgun and after deputies saw the weapon during a screening, a Tarrant County official said.The incident occurred about 8:30 a.m. at the south entrance to the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center.

This was:

Authorities did not release any information on why she had a loaded 32-caliber handgun at the courthouse.
via Crime Time: Juror arrested for trying to enter Fort Worth courthouse with loaded gun.

A .32? Why?

Think Fast Engineering

My brother (the Aerospace Genius) is branching out into race engineering consulting.

Think Fast Engineering is his effort, and if you want to go fast, you’re looking for the right fellow. (If you are rolling your eyes in a ‘what’s he done’ mode, have a look at his ‘about page‘, and then pick your jaw up from your chest).

I’m biased, but aside from my Dad he’s the best engineering brain I know. (Dad’s not for hire).

“Speed is money: how fast do you want to go?”



The Canada Party

Okay, it’s got an Fword in it, so if you’re prone to the vapors, skip this one.

The rest of you, laugh, and enjoy.


Not Running a Hospital: Carrying a lot of baggage

What he said…

Query: Why hadn’t they notified me upon arrival — or even before arrival when I was aboard the plane? They knew what plane I was on. Why have me go through a long fruitless wait at the airport? If you have such a powerful information system, why not use it to the benefit of your patrons? Especially your so-called “priority” customers.Indeed, why can’t all customers gain access to the baggage information system on their computers or iPhones? Sounds like that would be better service and possibly save money for those companies, too.

via Not Running a Hospital: Carrying a lot of baggage.

HCC Blog calls it quits

Dear Readers,

It has been my pleasure over the last 4 years to blog on HCC-related topics and exchange ideas with many of you. I have learned a ton from everyone.

This is my last post and I anticipate retiring the blog by the end of the month.

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Another good blogger taps out. Too bad.

Benjamin Siu, doctor at Cook Children’s Medical Center, dies at 51 | Obituaries | News f…


FORT WORTH — When Dr. Benjamin Siu saw patients at Cook Children’s Medical Center, visits began and ended with hugs, handshakes and prayers.

In between, “Dr. Siu would patiently go through what he had seen in the tests. He wouldn’t bombard you with mumbo jumbo,” said David Faulk, whose son Jonathan, now 3, was born with three chambers in his heart.

Dr. Siu, a pediatric cardiologist, died Jan. 3 after falling off his bicycle as he rode near South Z. Boaz Park in far southwest Fort Worth. He was 51.

via Benjamin Siu, doctor at Cook Children’s Medical Center, dies at 51 | Obituaries | News f….


The Worst Quackery of 2011: Battlefield Acupuncture – Forbes

So: the 2011 winner of the worst quackery award is: battlefield acupuncture. This bizarre practice, invented just 10 years ago, offers a trifecta of ills:

It offers no medical benefit and carries a real risk of harm for some patients.

The U.S. government is wasting tens of millions of dollars per year on it, and plans to increase its spending next year.

The patients are wounded combat veterans who have no choice about where to get treatment.

In battlefield acupuncture, the “doctor” (no competent doctor would do this) sticks needles into the patient’s ear to relieve pain.

via The Worst Quackery of 2011: Battlefield Acupuncture – Forbes.

Incredible. And infuriating.

(Found on Twitter, but I cannot recall who tweeted it).