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FORT WORTH — When Dr. Benjamin Siu saw patients at Cook Children’s Medical Center, visits began and ended with hugs, handshakes and prayers.

In between, “Dr. Siu would patiently go through what he had seen in the tests. He wouldn’t bombard you with mumbo jumbo,” said David Faulk, whose son Jonathan, now 3, was born with three chambers in his heart.

Dr. Siu, a pediatric cardiologist, died Jan. 3 after falling off his bicycle as he rode near South Z. Boaz Park in far southwest Fort Worth. He was 51.

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  1. Wow. A resident with me. Helluva guy.

  2. regina smith says:

    Prayers for Dr. Siu. We met him Oct. of 2011 when my then 16 year old son suffered from a cerebellar stroke while on the football field (practice). He was rushed to United Regional in Wichita Falls, Texas where the neurologist was not going to come in and when I had a fit the ER doctor called him again and he showed up later and after running tests for dehydration, drugs, etc determined that this was a major migraine and was going to admit my son for observation. CT scan was finally taken. Then they brought him back to the ER where my husband had to tell the neurologist that my son had not had an MRI and the neurologist kept telling us he had had and MRI and nothing showed up. By this time my husband is ready to punch the dr. ‘s lights out and the neurologist finally and increduously says, “Your son hasn’t had and MRI?”. He finally gets him to the MRI and sure enough a stroke is detected. While my son lays out in the hallway this Neurologist and Radiologist Dr. are discussing with my husband if “we” want to give my son tPA. That was the last straw and I said what about Cooks Children’s hospital? The neurologist first put down at parents request and seemed angry I had suggested such a thing, but by the time my son was taken back to the ER he had changed it to his orders for Cooks. Praise God Dr. “Angel” Hernandez took the call at Cooks Childrens Hospital in Ft. Worth and determined that United Regional dr’s had diagnosed the wrong type of stroke and that the united regional dr’s were arguing amongst themselves while my son was losing precious time and my son was given tpa several hours after the onset of the stroke. I never been able to get the medical records from United Regional. During my son’s 29 day stay at Cooks we were introduced to Dr. Siu who also has a background in genetics. I am so fearful of having lost dr. siu as all genetic testing had shown that my son did not have any genetic abnormalities, but he was watching him and following his case as well as conferring with other another geneticist that was aware of another gene, but testing not available yet. Dr. Siu was to follow up on that and let us know when testing is available and now he is gone. I pray for God’s plan and protection over my son. I pray for the difficult journey that is ahead for Dr. Siu’s young family. What an awesome man. Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to know Dr. Siu.

  3. My condolences to Dr. Siu’s family and friends. It is always very saddening to hear about the demise of a much-loved and well-respected doctor.