Texas Pharmacy Database now searchable

Texas docs (and pharmacists, etc…) you can, after a registration, look up an individual and see what prescriptions they’ve had filled.

Texas DPS Prescription Access Texas (PAT): https://pat.dps.texas.gov/Login.aspx

Here’s your power tip: have your Texas DL in hand, as it’s not just your DL# they want, but that long, goofy number that’s aligned vertically alongside your photo. (Which you’ll need every time you log in).

Yes. Texas has caught up with West Virginia. Come for the info, stay for the snark.


  1. Washington State’s DB went live in January too.


  2. Great tool, despite the cumbersome login procedure. I’ve already fired 4 patients for gross abuse of their pain meds, mostly for getting multiple controlled substance scripts from multiple physicians and lying to me about it.