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I was in a Texas kind of mood

when I designed my MacBook Air decorations:




Yeah, my name and email are on the bottom, but they’re a touch hard to make out... A little too easy to see, it turns out. Was a field of bluebonnets (my own photo). Cropped that bit out.

Upside: I will NOT have yet another clone of an Apple computer at the next meeting.

FYI, I got these (quickly and well made) from

Epic Spring Council

I’m off to Epic’s Spring Council in Madison, WI. It’s my first trip to Madison, and my first trip to an Epic meeting.

Looking forward to both.

If there’s anything worth mentioning, I’ll be tweeting those tidbits (over on Twitter, @gruntdoc ).

Just so you know I’m not dead. Merely resting. Pining for the Fjords.

Find The Sign

Sent in by my eldest (not her accident, just a witness to the aftermath):

Only one maroon bluebonnet was harmed

Find the Sign

No prizes. Void where prohibited.

Know Your Enemy

I think that was a WWII title for a series of propaganda trailers. (Maybe not).

Mohammad Ashan, a mid-level Taliban commander in Paktika province, strolled toward a police checkpoint in the district of Sar Howza with a wanted poster bearing his own face. He demanded the finder’s fee referenced on the poster: $100.

via Taliban commander turns self in… for reward on ‘Wanted’ poster – BlogPost – The Washington Post.

Yep. Saw his own visage, turned himself in for the reward.

As usual, the Government stiffed him.

Rick Perry | Painkillers | Inside the Circus | The Daily Caller

I watched those debates. Wish ‘d thought to take a pain killer, too.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was under the influence of painkillers during televised presidential debates over the last year to help relieve severe back pain, according to a soon-to-be released eBook on the 2012 Republican race for president obtained by The Daily Caller.“It became an open secret that he was using painkillers in sufficient dosages to keep him standing through the two-hour debates,” write the authors of “Inside the Circus.”

via Rick Perry | Painkillers | Inside the Circus | The Daily Caller.

Bluebonnet City

We got about 4 inches of rain a few weeks ago, which must have been perfect timing for the bluebonnets (State Flower of Texas, by the way). They exploded, and they’re beautiful.

Here’s a pic from today (and this is just a convenience photo, there are much more dense collections around, but I was cycling and trying not to croak during the ride):


The red flowers, by the way, are still bluebonnets, but they’re called maroon bluebonnets. There, you learned something today.

Wind Map

Wind Map.

Go there, and refresh it from time to time. It’s a very nicely done and immediately intuitive measure of winds on the Continental US.