Epic Spring Council

I’m off to Epic’s Spring Council in Madison, WI. It’s my first trip to Madison, and my first trip to an Epic meeting.

Looking forward to both.

If there’s anything worth mentioning, I’ll be tweeting those tidbits (over on Twitter, @gruntdoc ).

Just so you know I’m not dead. Merely resting. Pining for the Fjords.


  1. Meg Malcolm (@EMR_RN) says:

    Enjoy the campus. If you get a chance to tour it take it. The architecture if fantastic.

  2. Ferdinand Velasco, MD says:

    Dr. Roberts,
    Many thanks for attending the conference this week! I hope you found the sessions and networking helpful.

  3. Phew, I was about to call the undertaker. Even had a cowboy-hat-shaped coffin for you with a macho bust of you shooting tourists from your porch with a blunderbuss (not that that’s stereotyping at all, oh no).

    Glad to see you’re travelling – always good to get some fresh air in medicine.