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My brother, the Aerospace Genius, has gotten back into racing. Which he does better than me. he also blogs better, which is highly annoying.

Teamwork at the race track is a stunningly beautiful thing to behold, especially when the stakes are huge. I am forever indebted to Jay Messenger, John Fabijanic, and Dave Frietas for giving me far more help than I ever imagined I would need, and for saving me in the process. Without those golden sacrifices, my road racing adventure would have come to a bitter end instead of propelling a meteoric advance. While zigzagging toward the green flag, I told myself ā€œIā€™m doing this for them, not for me.ā€

How does this grab you for ambition: Going straight from driver school to professional open wheel racing, with only two test days in between?

via Turnaround – Think Fast Engineering | Think Fast Engineering.

An interesting, and challenging weekend was had, with a happy outcome. Enjoy the Tale, and the Telling.


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    Combine this experience with your daughter’s college graduation, and it was a spectacular weekend for BOTH of you guys!