Needed killin’ defense

SHINER, TX — Hearing his 5-year-old daughter crying from behind a barn, a father ran and discovered the unthinkable: A man molesting her. The father pulled the man off his daughter, authorities say, and started pummeling him to death with his fists.

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In the early 80’s (1980’s, funny people) your humble correspondent worked as an EMT in an ED full time while going to school and getting a Paramedic registration (there was no licensure for Paramedics in Texas then). I was the 7P-7A guy on the 2on, 2off, 3on, 2off, 2on, 3off schedule we worked, and yeah, I can still say it quickly. Weird what we remember.

We had a couple of Detectives who liked to hang out in the ED after hours, never asked why. Neither was interested in the nurses (rare) and there were probably more appealing places for them to be, but when they were on and not actually working they were in the ED. In retrospect I’m of the opinion they were voluntarily pulling security for us, as we had no dedicated hospital security. And they were armed, we liked that in an unarmed ED.

They were funny fellows, I learned a lot vicariously through them about how the world works (and had no reason to doubt them, as my ED experience was educational and either entertaining or horrifying daily); they had a saying I remember to this day. It was a joke, but still.

“Well, we’ll write it up as ‘Needed Killin’, which is a misdemeanor, and give you a ticket”.

I thought of those guys, and that statement, immediately on hearing about this assault/death. Assuming the story as told is correct the no-bill from the Grand Jury makes sense and is correct. The family of the victim already has enough punishment (assaulted child and grief from the death, plus a Grand Jury); I have no idea how the family of the deceased deals with this. I hope constructively.

Nobody else needs killin’ over this. But maybe a ticket would be in order, just because.


[This is Humor. If you don’t get it, don’t write.]


  1. RWMondak says:

    As a Catholic Chrisitain and Medical Professional, I struggle with the “needs killin'” premise. As a Dad, I’m thinking “In addition to saving his beloved daughter, he sure saved the county and state a lot of money”.

  2. Jim in Texas says:

    I hope those others that “needs killin” take note of this and re-think their desire to live in Texas. I’m pessimistic enough to know that we can’t find them all but optimistic enough to think that some will think on this and relocate to another state they might consider more “friendly” to their perversions; for some reason California leaps to mind.