More ABA Silliness –

Where have we experienced this before?

Christine Hurt reports on an American Bar Association effort to promote breed neutral vicious dog laws.

My question: WTF? Why is this the business of the ABA?

via More ABA Silliness –

Oh, yeah. The AMA. Same political, and therefore membership trajectory.


  1. TheNewGuy says:

    Yep. Busybodies all.

  2. The curious thing about medical societies is that, as you go from local to state to national, the annual fee goes up, even though it becomes harder to perceive the direct value to me.
    What I seem to be paying for is the privilege of paying the salaries of those who will spend the resources in ways I do not agree with, speak for me without consulting me, and espouse opinions I do not ageree with.
    Consequently, I have never been an AMA member.