What did we do before the internet again?

Tonight, another reminder of the wonder of the internet and the connected world.

My beautiful, super-cool iMac locked up tight. Nothing would respond. Nada. Had been its normal super-terrific 1 second before. No warning.

Waited a while, then finally had to do the power-button-off restart. When power restored: black screen, and nice long ‘boooooooop’ sounds, about 3 seconds apart. Pulled the power cord, waited a minute. Rinse/repeat.

Had this been more than a decade ago, I would have been stuck. Literally phone a friend (except I’m back on nights, and it’s 1:45AM, so not tonight), or pack it into the car tomorrow and take it to The Store.

It’s not a decade before it’s now, a time when we can drop big rovers on nearby planets (using the most Rube-Goldberg mechanism imaginable and still make it work), and the internet is available to me.

Unsurprisingly others have had my problem. After reading several posts on the topic, the common theme was ‘the RAM is either bad or needs to be reseated’. So, internet search for iMac RAM work, an easy online go-by, and 15 minutes later I’ve removed and reseated my RAM.

And the sucker started and ran like it was new.

I like our new world.


  1. Reseat the RAM. Just like the early PCs. Progress, but nothing much changes.