Archives for September 2012

Yep. Alive.

Yeah, the world turns, technologies change, and I have this blog that lives on.

So, I’ve been to the Epic User Group Meeting for a love-in on technology we can’t have for years, and then I went to help with a go-live at Wake-Forest Baptist Medical Center for their ED’s Epic go-live. It was refreshingly weird to see a good training program in action and help their academics and residents get into the fight with a new system.

Then, home to work.

Also, I have the admin responsibilities. Some of which I’m decent at, and other I’m charged with that are not under my control, nonetheless which need me to get them done. And yet I cannot move forward. It actually makes me feel a little compassion for the admins who walk among us. A little.

In case you were wondering stale blogs seem to be in big demand, given my email. Daily emails are received, offering me ‘guest posts’, or SEO optimizations, or offers of ads that never work out, or some other goofy idea. Like a blog that’s posting once a month needs any of that.

Still here. Still irascible. Just traveling a lot.