A physician takes his flu vaccine under protest

Good, well written rant-

A physician takes his flu vaccine under protest

by Doug McGuff, MD on November 27th, 2012in Physician

To hospital administration,

I am writing this letter to inform you that when I take my mandated influenza vaccine I will be doing so under protest and with the understanding that failure to do so could result in loss of my ability to earn income for myself and my family. Unfortunately, I do not qualify for any of the exemptions allowed by our facility. Since I am not religious, I have no religious objections, I am not allergic, and I have never had Guillane-Barre as a result of a flu vaccine. My objection to the vaccine is based on rational evidence and moral indignation.

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  1. Wayne Conrad says:

    Excellent rant. Thanks, Dr. Grunt.

    I did not know that the efficacy of the flu vaccine was so much in doubt. My mother’s lungs are compromised, so everyone in my house gets the flu vaccine. It’s interesting that this may be of no use. I don’t plan on stopping our flu vaccinations yet, but now I’m on the alert for more evidence one way or the other.

    I agree with Dr. McGuff especially on the issue of choice, of free will. The issue of free will aligns me, in that regard, with the anti-vaxers. Although they are quite wrong in their reasoning, in their desire to be in control of their own (and their children’s) bodies, they are correct.