Your eyes do not deceive you, it’s different

The first new theme for this blog in years.

It was well overdue, but as usual only a crisis can make things happen.

Something changed on the blog, I know not what, but suddenly I couldn’t get into the dash through a web browser (but could through the WordPress app, odd). After several emails with the webmaster, a trial of reinstalling the software, etc, it was determined that the theme, very custom and lovingly assembled by my great web guy, was the problem. Time for an updated theme.

Thus, this. It’ll get tweaked going forward, but for now this is the starting point. (It looks good on my iPhone, too).

It’s also a chance to clean out some dead/dying stuff from the sidebars. Remember blogrolling? Blog link lists? I noticed the number of dead blogs on Instapundit last night, and realized my blog was certainly no better on that front, so those are gone (for now; were there a great hue and cry I’d look at restoring them with updated versions, but I’m betting they’re not missed).

Thanks for coming. And thanks to Brian, the web guy!



  1. Loads fast. Nice clean look.

  2. Mrs. Fred says:

    Congrats on the new look! As long as My Grandfather’s Guns is on your Favorites list, I’ll know I’m in the right place.

  3. Working girl says:

    Liking it. It looks more modern, but needs a little bit of personality. Something to make it seem like it has a personality. But, I like it.

  4. Nice.

  5. Lately, my eyes have been deceiving me (or should I say EYE)… I recently had a cataract extraction with lens implant (O.S.) and had to look again with my “good” eye (the the other highly myopic one that still has a small cataract destined for gouging out in a week or two).
    To the point: this new page format is a nice, bright (but not too fu fu and frilly bright) presentation which is easier for even the semi-blind to read.

    Semper Fi!