Archives for December 8, 2012

I have some OCD; also, my wife gets me.

Just went to the kitchen to get a drink. Went to the table to ask my lovely and patient wife how I could help with her sewing.

(This is a transparent thing all men do to make sure we get full credit for Caring; this is also transparent to our wives as a silly thing we do to keep from being Blamed).

Couldn’t help but notice the pad under her sewing machine was upside down, as the tag was up.

“I’d like to help you by getting the pad right-side up”, I said helpfully.
“It’s fine, it’s been like this for days” she said, thinking this would be mollifying. Silly girl.
“No, really, I’d like to help you with this”.
That’s when she grabbed her shears and cut off the tag.
“Cheating”, said I.
“Over”, said she.

I think she may really understand me. Still, I’ll turn the pad over soon.