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Quantas mechanics have another work hazard

Ten foot pythons in the engine compartments/flap operators:

Snake clings to wing of Qantas plane – video | World news |

Click the link, I didn’t embed it here as I cannot turn off the autoplay.

From The Guardian.

Costa Concordia and its refloating (The Parbuckle Project)

I thought it must be a made-up word, but no (The Free Dictionary):

par·buck·le (pärbkl)
1. A rope sling for rolling cylindrical objects up or down an inclined plane.
2. A sling for raising or lowering an object vertically.
tr.v. par·buck·led, par·buck·ling, par·buck·les
To raise or lower with such a sling.

The Parbuckling Project is a consortium of engineering talent with a truly vast (and challenging) task: remove the sunken Costa Concordia safely and cleanly. I had a look and marvel at the ingenuity.

Now let’s hope it works.