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Yours Truly shows up on this list, for the first time.



Fort Worth, Texas magazine sent more than 4,500 local physicians a survey, asking them to voluntarily rate their peers and name the best doctors in Tarrant County. Medical professionals willing to participate went online to cast their votes.

While Fort Worth, Texas magazine provided the fields of specialty, the physicians identified the professionals they regard as being leaders in those fields.

The final results were submitted to a select panel of physicians for review.

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Things are going to start happening to me now, my name in print!

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 2_40_15 PM

3 of these fellow EM practioners I don’t know, and I am glad to count as working colleagues three of the others.

Humbling enough to blog about.


  1. Beary Potter says:

    Awesome! I’ve always had you at the TOP of the list!

  2. Mrs. Fred says:

    Mom and Dad have ALWAYS known this! Congrats!!

  3. Great job, really well done!

  4. This is absolutely excellent! Congrats. It says a lot that those who know consider you to be a Top Doc.

  5. Doctor J says:

    As a fellow Emergency Physician working in the pits in Virginia it is sure nice to see that our specialty is included in the survey, congratulations.