Archives for March 26, 2013

The Favor

As a medical student in the GYN clinic in El Paso, one occasionally needed both language and female standby assistance, at the same time.

Occasionally like 80% of the time*.

I asked one of the clinic technicians to assist me with an exam; after we were done, trying to be med student charming I said “Thank you, senorita!”

She said, laughing, with the clinic staff chuckling at my discomfort, “It’s Senora, it’s only senorita until someone does you The Favor”.

Education takes many forms. Sometimes when you don’t expect it or even want it.

(This is however a family point of amusement, which we sincerely enjoy).

*Medical statistics are made up on the spot: 75% are BS and the other 33% don’t add up.