Talk Like A Healthcare Management Robot

My good friend Dr. Richard Winters has skills: doctoring, parenting, professional coaching, and computer coding. Add his dislike for mumbo-jumbo and his skills with javascript, and you get:

Talk Like A Healthcare Management Robot

Instructions: Click the button. Learn to talk like a Healthcare Management Robot.

via Talk Like A Healthcare Management Robot.

This is the most recent one I got: “Our clinical organization needs to transform physician-centered healing missions around value-added architectures.” Everyone in medicine can imagine someone saying that unironically.

I do like how he gets the point of the exercise across:

Be careful though. If you talk like a robot, physicians won’t listen.


Now, go there, click, and laugh. This has already surpassed the Dilbert mission statement generator in my book.

Thanks, Rick!


  1. There are buzz-word bingo apps that let you create custom boards. I have one for our parent company that includes words like “transformational” and “gainshare”. I recently added “blue zone”.