turns 11

11 years of nothingness, punctuated by inanity.

Thanks to my 11 readers. I appreciate nearly all of you.

Here’s to twice the fun for the next 11 years!


  1. Wayne Conrad says:

    Make that 12 readers. Thank you, sir.

  2. Melissa (oddharmonic) says:

    I should have crashed that reader dinner at Abuelo’s when I still lived in the area. (:

  3. Wow, that’s pretty impressive! Congratulations! OOrah!

  4. Mrs. Fred says:

    Mom and Dad are very proud!

  5. Beary Potter says:

    I love opening your blog and seeing your comments. Congrats on 11 wonderful blogging years and I look forward to MORE. :-)

  6. Hey – congrats to one of the people who got me hooked on blogging.
    Still enjoy reading your inanity and enjoy the collegiality.
    I’ve gotten to know some great people through blogging and you’re one of them.
    Don’t stop writing.

  7. Ann Onny says:

    I will be a reader as long as you keep at it. Sorry I almost never comment. I really do appreciate what you do here, though! Thanks, and ‘grats!

  8. I’ll be lucky 13…