Your Government at Work, Army Corps of Engineers Division

Our Government is out of money. That’s given. Related but unrelated, our Government=Things we do together.

The Army Corps of Engineers recently decided that plowing Govt. Park access fees back into the parks through non-profits is verboten, because, get this, the money isn’t going into the US Treasury.

No thought to what makes the parks work. No thought to what the NonProfits (that’s Washington for sucker-bait) put into the parks, or what the Federal version of park running and maintenance will cost (that’ll be way way more than non-profits did it for). Or the park non-profit employees who are now out of a job.

This smacks of bureaucracy run amok, remote pencil pushers running roughshod over local policies that actually serve the constituents, i.e., normal people who like parks.

I’ll call my Congressperson tomorrow. Perhaps sense will prevail, but I have doubts.

Now, about that Government takeover of healthcare, still think that’s a terrific idea?