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I’m not usually up this early. Ate a lot of carbs last evening, paying the price all night. And today. Probably tomorrow, from the course of events.


Enough about me. This is a nice summary of thoughts on Obamacare:

…What do we have to look forward to? Obamacare in effect outlaws traditional insurance and substitutes in its place a mandatory system of prepaid health care administered by the kind and gentle souls who run insurance companies, which is in fact in many ways similar to the mandatory health-savings accounts in Singapore — minus the property rights, wealth building, heritability, efficiency, and consumer choice. Likewise, Obamacare is in some ways similar to the Swiss system, but without the downward price pressure associated with high out-of-pocket expenses, and, as we have seen in recent weeks, also minus the competence and efficiency. As they say in Switzerland: Ich be chrank.

And it is worth remembering that under Obamacare there will still be millions of Americans with no health-insurance coverage, while many (and possibly most) of those added to the coverage rolls will simply be given Medicaid cards,…

via Obamacare Is the Worst-Case Scenario | National Review Online.

Speechless, I am.


  1. steve lucas says:

    So, what we have is the worse of all possible systems that will over time make the NHS look like the model of efficiency.

    Steve Lucas

  2. Waiting My Turn says:

    This is by intent. Obama has said, repeatedly, that the PPACA is just a stepping stone to either: 1) single payer, like Canada, or 2)(preferred) a totally owned and operated US Gov’t system modeled after the UK’s National Health Service.
    PPACA HAS to fail, so as to create chaos that will justify 1. or 2. above.
    FYI, some sort of government owned and operated health system has been advocated by Democrats since the late 1800s.