Weird things I notice

Carnival cruise lines took some hits recently with ships that had power problems. I figured they’d overcome those issues, but didn’t know how.

Now I know. On both of the Carnival boats we saw on a recent cruise, there’s this:

So it’s easier to see, here’s a cropped one:

Yep, it’s a Caterpillar generator. There was one in the same place on both boats, which seems a pretty clever way to provide emergency power. Kudos.


  1. Aruvqan Myers says:

    Well, it beats floating around totally dead with people trapped below by no elevators [not convinced the average cruiser knows about *stairs*] We always get balcony staterooms, and I have both a hand crank flashlight that has a USB slot to power a cell phone or whatever, I have a small solar cell/battery pack that can also be used to power things. Since we camp, we also have katadyne bottles for each of us for drinking water we tend to travel with. Semper paratus!