I’m not a book reviewer but when I read one I want to share I’ll tell you about it. 

This is one for a small audience, those who are space junkies who don’t know a ton about the U.S. Mir space missions. It’s very well written and well sourced, the author having gotten a lot of access to NASA and Mir astronauts  and the myriad people who support them. 

I’m told by a friend who’s briefly mentioned in the book that the author began as a rah-rah angle but soured on NASA and that probably explains the more than warts and all presentation.  It’s not a hatchet job but it’s not a recruiting too either. It reads quickly, and the quirks of astronauts of both countries are very interestingly laid out. 

Oh, did I mention they had both a fire and a rapid decompression while NASA was aboard?

Well written, reads well. Recommended.