NEJM on inflight medical emergencies

Via Doximity, a nice review of inflight medical emergencies:

We conducted a study of in-flight medical emergencies involving large commercial airlines, characterizing on-board assistance provided by flight crews and other passengers and identifying the outcomes of these events, including ambulance transport to a hospital and hospital admission. On the basis of our findings, we suggest a practical approach to the initial management of common in-flight medical emergencies for medical personnel who may be called on to render aid.


RAND studies the ED, finds we are good.

RAND did us a huge favor here, documenting the shifts in styles of care and validating most of what we’ve said anecdotally.


2013 Top Docs |

Yours Truly shows up on this list, for the first time.



Fort Worth, Texas magazine sent more than 4,500 local physicians a survey, asking them to voluntarily rate their peers and name the best doctors in Tarrant County. Medical professionals willing to participate went online to cast their votes.

While Fort Worth, Texas magazine provided the fields of specialty, the physicians identified the professionals they regard as being leaders in those fields.

The final results were submitted to a select panel of physicians for review.

via 2013 Top Docs |

Things are going to start happening to me now, my name in print!

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 2_40_15 PM

3 of these fellow EM practioners I don’t know, and I am glad to count as working colleagues three of the others.

Humbling enough to blog about.

Fort Worth designated 300th International Safe Community | City of Fort Worth, Texas

Very nice!

Fort Worth designated 300th International Safe Community

Posted Feb. 8, 2013

Fort Worth will be formally designated an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization during the City Council meeting at 7 p.m. Feb. 12. With this designation, Fort Worth will become the 300th international Safe Community, the 23rd in the United States and the second in Texas.

via Fort Worth designated 300th International Safe Community | City of Fort Worth, Texas.

Read the whole article. Fort Worth has worked had, and it’s paid off!

So God made a farmer Dodge Ad

Best Super Bowl ad this year

I miss Paul Harvey.

Chris Kyle, America’s ‘most lethal’ sniper, dead in a range shooting

Odessa, TX born Chris Kyle who survived four tours in combat zones. Allegedly murdered at a shooting range, with another.

A decorated former Navy SEAL who authored the book “American Sniper” was one of two people shot and killed at an Erath County shooting range, according to a newspaper report.

The Stephenville Empire – Tribune reported Saturday that Chris Kyle and another man were shot and killed at a shooting range at Rough Creek Resort and Lodge in Glen Rose.

The newspaper reported that Eddie Ray Routh was arrested in connection with the fatal shootings.

via _storysmartredirect.

There will be more to this story. None of it will bring him back.

Texas Medical Association – Legislature Week 1 update

A blessing to this Great State is that the Legislature meets only every other year, and then for only 90 140* days. It concentrates attention.

This episode introduces the new and returning Physician and Nurse Legislators of this session.


*Many thanks to TMA’s Steve Levine for pointing out my error in the comments. Texas History class was a long time ago…

I paid off med school today

Guess that degree is really mine now.

19 years later (with 4 years of deferments in there for training), so really 15 years of payments.

Merry Christmas to me!

Happy Birthday, USMC

I post this every year, and I still enjoy it…
original poster from:

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Vet’s Day Fundraiser

It’s my chosen Charity, and if you have some money to help Sailors, Marines (and their families), it’s a good cause.

Dear Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society supporter,

Sunday is Veterans Day, and the Society — along with millions of Americans — will pause to honor all who serve or have served in our nation’s military.

But while we pause to reflect and express our gratitude, our mission of helping service members and their families never stops. That is why I am asking for your help today.

Donate $25 to honor Veterans and help us continue to support Sailors, Marines, and their families when facing financial difficulties:

Since 1904, the Society has been helping Sailors, Marines, and their families deal with the unexpected.

By assisting with interest-free loans and grants for food, temporary shelter and other basic living expenses, military families can deal more effectively with unforeseen hardship.

Veterans Day is the perfect time to honor those who serve by ensuring active and retired Marines and Sailors have the financial resources they need in times of crisis. Your support will make a very real difference.

Make your Veterans Day gift to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society today:

Thank you for your service to our great country.

Steve Abbot
Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret)
President and CEO
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

I just gave.


Your eyes do not deceive you, it’s different

The first new theme for this blog in years.

It was well overdue, but as usual only a crisis can make things happen.

Something changed on the blog, I know not what, but suddenly I couldn’t get into the dash through a web browser (but could through the WordPress app, odd). After several emails with the webmaster, a trial of reinstalling the software, etc, it was determined that the theme, very custom and lovingly assembled by my great web guy, was the problem. Time for an updated theme.

Thus, this. It’ll get tweaked going forward, but for now this is the starting point. (It looks good on my iPhone, too).

It’s also a chance to clean out some dead/dying stuff from the sidebars. Remember blogrolling? Blog link lists? I noticed the number of dead blogs on Instapundit last night, and realized my blog was certainly no better on that front, so those are gone (for now; were there a great hue and cry I’d look at restoring them with updated versions, but I’m betting they’re not missed).

Thanks for coming. And thanks to Brian, the web guy!


Theme change coming

Will elaborate later. In the mean time
Keep Strong and Carry On.

The Aerospace Genius succeeds

My brother the Aerospace Genius is celebrating the sale of the 1,000th copy of his book!

If you have time, congratulate him, and if you have a racer in the family, consider a nice book on racing for Christmas!

Congrats, brother!

Yep. Alive.

Yeah, the world turns, technologies change, and I have this blog that lives on.

So, I’ve been to the Epic User Group Meeting for a love-in on technology we can’t have for years, and then I went to help with a go-live at Wake-Forest Baptist Medical Center for their ED’s Epic go-live. It was refreshingly weird to see a good training program in action and help their academics and residents get into the fight with a new system.

Then, home to work.

Also, I have the admin responsibilities. Some of which I’m decent at, and other I’m charged with that are not under my control, nonetheless which need me to get them done. And yet I cannot move forward. It actually makes me feel a little compassion for the admins who walk among us. A little.

In case you were wondering stale blogs seem to be in big demand, given my email. Daily emails are received, offering me ‘guest posts’, or SEO optimizations, or offers of ads that never work out, or some other goofy idea. Like a blog that’s posting once a month needs any of that.

Still here. Still irascible. Just traveling a lot.

Pepid: Winning friends and influencing people

Pepid has some really good apps for medical professionals, the ones I’m familiar with are aimed at ER docs. They’re good.

Pepid is so good I gave them an unsolicited endorsement in 2007:

Yeah, that sounds very generic, so let me tell you about when I decided to convert from the free (14 day) trial and spend the bucks.  A patient presents feeling frankly terrible and with a diffuse vasculitic rash.  Very early in the history it’s determined the patient has been taking quite a lot more methotrexate than intended (mixup, not sure why) so I tried out my new Pepid: ‘methotrexate’ brings up not just the drug, but throws me a lifeline: ‘overdose’ is on the front-page drop down menu.  I clicked on that, and it took me to the antidote (Leucovorin AD, liquid folate, which I didn’t remember), and then, tells me it’s dosed based on body surface area, then offers a calculator, all in serial – sequential clicks.  Amazing, and terrific.

That paragraph contains their Achilles heel: The Bucks. It’s never been cheap, and it’s not getting cheaper.

This year I elected to forgo renewing Pepid. It’s not that it’s not good (it is), it’s that the difference between the excellent free medical apps (Epocrates) (Medscape) plus now ubiquitous online resources (UpToDate supplied by my Corporate Overlords) minus their requested yearly rate for my iPhone ($264/year) wasn’t worth it. That’s just for the iPhone app, if you wan their iPad app you’ll have to buy that separately. Really, for only $264 they can’t just throw in the iPad app.

Imagine if you were to accidentally order the 3 year plan: $694. Sticker shock. Wow. So, if you asked them for a downgrade to the one year of the program, they’d do that, right? Sucker…

That’s right. My friend Rick (A terrific Physician Executive, Coach and pioneering blogger) accidentally clicked the 3 year button, immediately asked for a downgrade, and was told no. Pepid was more interested in his money than his loyalty or the customer experience.

Beware: Pepid screwed this doctor. Are you feeling lucky?