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I recommend these. They’re terrific. Get ’em while they last.

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To take advantage of the 50% off sale enter the promotional code “HALFOFFSCRUBS” at the checkout window.

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I have some (Full disclosure, I got some gifted to me by their designer/owner, and I like ’em. A lot.)

Not Running a Hospital: Carrying a lot of baggage

What he said…

Query: Why hadn’t they notified me upon arrival — or even before arrival when I was aboard the plane? They knew what plane I was on. Why have me go through a long fruitless wait at the airport? If you have such a powerful information system, why not use it to the benefit of your patrons? Especially your so-called “priority” customers.Indeed, why can’t all customers gain access to the baggage information system on their computers or iPhones? Sounds like that would be better service and possibly save money for those companies, too.

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Benjamin Siu, doctor at Cook Children’s Medical Center, dies at 51 | Obituaries | News f…


FORT WORTH — When Dr. Benjamin Siu saw patients at Cook Children’s Medical Center, visits began and ended with hugs, handshakes and prayers.

In between, “Dr. Siu would patiently go through what he had seen in the tests. He wouldn’t bombard you with mumbo jumbo,” said David Faulk, whose son Jonathan, now 3, was born with three chambers in his heart.

Dr. Siu, a pediatric cardiologist, died Jan. 3 after falling off his bicycle as he rode near South Z. Boaz Park in far southwest Fort Worth. He was 51.

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Medgadget Partners with The Atlantic

Wow! Many congrats to the MedGadget people!

We’re excited to announce that The Atlantic has launched its brand new health channel and Medgadget is now a partner site of the venerable publication. We’ll be sharing our content that is interesting and informative to the wider audience of The Atlantic.

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70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

If you meet a Pearl Harbor vet, thank ’em. They’re pretty rare (an 18 year old then would be 88 now…).

Thanks to our Pearl Harbor vets. | Attention emergency physicians: great job available!

Want to work with the best EM writer in the business?

Doctors, you’ve worked for years to learn the skills of emergency medicine. You’ve struggled and learned. You have stayed awake at all hours, caring for the sick, the injured, the ridiculous and the demanding. You may be finishing residency or out in the work world. Wherever you are, I have something to ask you.

Are you tired of leftist academic nonsense? Are you weary of being told you should ‘just give a little more’ to people who take from you all the time? Are you sick of administration keeping you continually under its thumb while you feel entirely powerless?

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(No, I got no remuneration for this post).

Charles Prize: Winners of the 2011 Charles Prize for Poetry

It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of this year’s poetry contest.

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I’m a little slow on this one, so go and see who won the Limerick contest.

Truman CO dies after collapsing – Navy News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Navy Times

Carrier Command. On the path to Stars. Died at age 49.

The Navy has confirmed the death of the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman’s skipper.Capt. Tushar R. Tembe died suddenly at a Portsmouth, Va., hospital Tuesday morning after collapsing as he was leaving the ship, moored at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth.Tembe, 49, was debarking at roughly 10 a.m. when he fell, according to Naval Air Force Atlantic. The carrier’s medical team provided immediate medical assistance. Tembe was then transported to Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center in Portsmouth, where he was pronounced dead, AIRLANT said.

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Condolences to Captain Tembe’s family.

Happy Veterans Day

We still have a lot of troops in the field, many in direct combat with our enemies. Thanks to all our veterans.

November 11, or what has come to be known as Veterans Day, was originally set as a U.S. legal holiday to honor Armistice Day – the end of World War I, which officially took place on November 11, 1918. In legislature that was passed in 1938, November 11 was “dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as ‘Armistice Day.’

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Happy Birthday, Marines!

I post this every year, and I still enjoy it…
original poster from:

Internet Exile

For my crimes against the internet, I’m going to exile myself from the digital wold for a week.

Also, I’m getting on a boat.

Please play well together, and have all the problems solved when I come back.

Meeting of the Minds

@movinmeat and myself meet with ACEP Immediate Past President Angela Gardner ( @ACEPHeadliner ).

ACEP Scientific Assembly 2011

It’s in San Francisco this year, and starts in the morning. While I’m NOT a morning person I’m going to make as much of it as I can, as the lectures are good, and worth the time.

I plan to live-tweet my conferences tomorrow, so if you’re interested follow along on Twitter @gruntdoc. Last year I had more than 200, and some people liked them. We shall see, some lectures, and lecturers, are more quotable than others.

Yes, people watching here.

ACEP Scientific Assembly 2011

Update: Seems I’m not alone, I got this today (October 4th):

Due to a printer error, some course tickets do not match course schedules in the mailed packets. Corrections have been made by the printer and were mailed on October 4. Please bring both packets with you to San Francisco. If you do not receive your corrected tickets before you leave for San Francisco, a set will be waiting for you at ACEP Registration, Moscone Center South.

Well, good. Here’s hoping the correct ones arrive on time.

Original post: I have a problem. I didn’t get what I needed from the pre-registration for this years’ SA.

When I look online, I have a full schedule, Sat-Tuesday, and while this makes me an extra-special dork, it makes me sad.

Sad, as yesterday I got my SA materials (kudos for the effort!) which have me with 2 classes on Saturday, 3 on Sunday, a full boat on Monday and none on Tuesday. Bonus, you say, but you’re wrong (again).

I just checked the ACEP SA site, and I have all the classes I signed up for online, which makes me think there’s a big disconnect between the SA site and what ACEP sent me. This matters, as ACEP gives us ‘tickets’ for every class, which are checked at the door, and in the immortal words of Indiana Jones, “No Ticket!”.

Wish me luck in about 9 days doing battle with the nice people at the registration desk…

Happy Birthday, Honey!

We love you a lot! Your life has progressed in the last seven years (see the following post), we’ve been happy to have raised you (so far), and we wish you the best. First year out of the teens. Congrats. Still can’t drink.

Looking at the blog I found this trip down memory lane turned up this ‘gem’ from several years ago:

Today’s the first day of teendom for my littlest girl. She still talks to me, and that’s encouraging, but usually only about horses, or how much she loves horses, or how I should get her a horse.

Tonight we were eating TCBY, and I commented how tall something was. “It’s about 13 hands” was her reply. Horse crazy.

However, no horse this year, and she’s OK with it (though secretly resentful, in the way I still am that I didn’t get either an airplane or a motorcycle for my 13th birthday).

Happy Birthday, sweetheart

Happy Birthday, honey, from all of us. You are loved more than you can know.
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