Fort Hood Murders, one year ago today

Ace of Spades HQ has a nice salute to them.

They were murdered (minimally allegedly) by a Physician who should be on trial for Treason as well as murder.

Respect and condolences to the families of those murdered, thank you for their service.

Cops: Calif doctor gets stuck in chimney, dies | KOMO News | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News – Seattle, Washington | National & World News

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (AP) – A doctor involved in an “on-again, off-again” relationship apparently tried to force her way into her boyfriend’s home by sliding down the chimney, police said Tuesday. Her decomposing body was found there three days later.

via Cops: Calif doctor gets stuck in chimney, dies | KOMO News | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News – Seattle, Washington | National & World News.


More on the Kermit (Winkler County) Nurses

Two nurses in Kermit, Winkler County, Texas felt a Physician had done wrong, and did their duty (which is protected), under the law: they reported the doctor to the State Medical Board.

Then, things got bad, but not like any sane person would think. The nurses were eventually charged in Criminal Court for “Misuse of official information“, the flimsiest of pretexts to punish them for their whistleblowing, which the Texas Medical Board said was both good and correct.

This mattered not, and they were forced to go to trial to defend themselves from imprisonment; They were very quickly found not guilty, then came the civil suit, which catches us up for today’s addition to the story…

First, imagine keeping your job as Hospital Administrator after this kind of public derision. No, it doesn’t end as you’d expect:

Via CBS 7:

A week after it was posted at the Winkler County Courthouse that Winkler County Memorial Hospital Administrator, Stan Wiley, would announce his resignation, he changed his mind.

In what board member, John Walton, is calling “the shortest meeting in the board’s history”, Wiley did not resign.

The resignation was put before the board members as a motion.

John Walton seconded the motion to “accept Wiley’s resignation” but none of the other board members did so.

Wiley then acted as if this were a dramatic show of support and decided to not resign.

Quite the vote of confidence…

That was on August 10th, by the way, the same day, again from CBS 7:

After their original concerns about Dr. Rolando Arafiles were substantiated by a state fine levied against Winkler County Memorial Hospital and an official complaint lodged against the Dr., the “Winkler County Nurses” were “compensated” today for their damages.

The nurses will split a nearly $1,000,000 settlement but nurse Anne Mitchell says this case was never about any money.

Vickilyn Galle and Anne Mitchell believed their anonymous report to the state in 2008 would be just that: anonymous (as is prescribed by nurse reporting laws).

There’s no way they could have predicted that standing up for patients’ rights would get them arrested, then prosecuted, then vindicated and now, more than two years later, leave them hard pressed to find a nursing job.

The four Winkler County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon, to settle the civil suit filed against the county and numerous other defendants.

The move means they are agreeing to pay $750,000 dollars to nurses, Anne Mitchell and Vickilyn Galle.

The county only has to pay $150K, the rest is covered by a risk management pool, which appears to be how Texas Counties self-insure.

I’d like to have seen the trial on this. It’s not enough for two nurses who will have to move a long way to even possibly continue their careers, and the behavior of the Sheriff and Prosecutor in all this is bafflingly ugly.

The lesson? 1) Don’t live in Winkler County, their public decision-making seems atrocious on every level and 2) if you’re going to report someone anonymously, don’t do it from a County owned computer, lest it be ‘investigated’. (Feel free to add your lesson in the comments, but I’m not interested in getting sued, so let’s not libel anyone, shall we?).

HT to Glenn, my West Texas news connection.

Little Rock Physician bombing from 2009: trial underway

Remember this?  The Chair of the Arkansas Medical Board being critically injured with a car bomb?

A multi-disciplined physician is on trial for the crime:

LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Medical Board chairman, his face scarred and embedded with bits of tire, testified Wednesday that he lost an eye, his sense of smell, teeth and some hearing when a bomb went off in his driveway.

Dr. Trent Pierce testified against Dr. Randeep Mann, who prosecutors say planned the attack as retaliation for the medical board taking away his license to write prescriptions. Pierce took the stand after a jail inmate told jurors Mann had offered him $50,000 to kill Pierce to keep him from testifying.

Wow.  I’m glad he pulled through.  And I wonder at the (alleged) depravity of those who should have insight.

HT: Glenn

Update: I’m informed by the informative Ramona that neither physician is from Little Rock, actually.  (I thought that due to the by line of the original article).  So, Non-Little Rock (Big Rock?) docs…

Man Survives Bullet in Head, Being Hit by Truck – CBS News

(AP) A spokesman for a South African emergency service says a man has survived after shooting himself in the head and then being hit by a truck.

via Man Survives Bullet in Head, Being Hit by Truck – CBS News.

If South Africa has a lottery, this guy should buy himself a ticket.

Running a hospital: I was wrong. I am sorry.

I’ve been able to study Paul Levy’s management of BIDMC during several classes (more on that someday), and he’s a smart guy.  Which makes this dumbfounding, if humanizing:

The Board of Directors of BIDMC today issued the following statement, which has been distributed to the media and to the entire hospital community.

The Board of Directors of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, with the assistance of outside counsel, has completed its review of allegations made involving President and CEO Paul Levy. The review focused on a personal relationship with a former employee of the Medical Center. The Board found that over time the situation created an improper appearance and became a distraction within the hospital.

via Running a hospital: I was wrong. I am sorry..

Good for him, and I doubt this is going to be enough.  There’s a scandal worth and immediate $50K penalty and the threat of more in contract negotiations.

Time to call Oprah, or something, and do it All at Once.  Get it all out (and don’t hold back, a la Tiger), etc.  People will forgive bad judgment, they will pillory you for a cover up.

It’s going to come out, so Just Do It.

Briefs: Bullet from suicide attempt ends up in Starbucks | Northeast Tarrant | News from…

This is going to sound awful, but… if you kill yourself you’re obligated not to take others with you.  I know that people who kill themselves aren’t thinking about others, but, here’s a cautionary tale:

Bullet from suicide try ends up in Starbucks

GRAPEVINE — A Starbucks customer stirring his drink Thursday afternoon heard a bullet whiz by his ear after a man shot himself across the street from the coffee shop, police said. The man was on the front porch of his house in the 900 block of East Wall Street, said Lt. Todd Dearing, a Grapevine police spokesman. The bullet went through the man’s head and the drive-through window at Starbucks and past the customer and finally lodged in a restroom wall at the back of the business, Dearing said. The man who shot himself was taken to …a hospital…

Bold by me.

via Briefs: Bullet from suicide attempt ends up in Starbucks | Northeast Tarrant | News from….

Rifle?  Crazy high powered pistol firing a very solid bullet?  I doubt we’ll ever know, but it’s a cautionary tale.  Extremely fortunate that round didn’t collect an innocent soul.

Updated: Vid link added Texas Stadium comes down Sunday, 0700 Central

It was the only place I saw Cowboys play home games in my lifetime, and I got to march there in the HS band long, long ago (big stuff when you’re 16).  I have some ‘souvenir’ AstroTurf from the first time they recarpeted the place.

For those who are going to be up that early, the WFAA link to their live streaming web page is here: WFAA.

Here’s the video, via Austin’s KXAN.  Implosion starts about 1:10.

CNN Video:

Dubai police chief: Mossad should be ‘ashamed’ over Hamas killing –

Jerusalem (CNN) — Dubai’s police chief said Sunday the secretive Israeli foreign intelligence unit Mossad “needs to be ashamed” after the January killing of a Hamas leader in a Dubai hotel.

via Dubai police chief: Mossad should be ‘ashamed’ over Hamas killing –

I concur.  Really, 26 people to smother one guy?


iowahawk: Fables of the Reconstruction

iowahawk: Fables of the Reconstruction

Iowahawk explains the stats behind AGW, in an accessible post.

The smartest AND funniest guy on the internet?  Thank heavens I look better…

(I told you we should elect him President…)

DIY Botox Seller Busted by Texas Attorney General | Wired Science |

Well, good:

DIY Botox Seller Busted by Texas Attorney General | Wired Science |

There seems to be no limit to either the desire for body modification or the willingness to serve that desire.

Fort Hood Shooting

From the Austin American Statesman:

Scott & White in Temple receives 10 patients.

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Fort Hood shooting victims were dispersed to hospitals throughout Central Texas, where few details of their injuries or prognoses were released Thursday evening.

The first stop for many of those injured was the Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood and the Metroplex Adventist Hospital in nearby Killeen. The more serious were then transferred to other hospitals so patients could receive specialized care.

Ten of the wounded were taken to Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple, 26 miles from the Army post’s main gate.

Of those patients, four were in operating rooms late Thursday and some others were in critical care, said Dr. Robert Greenberg, vice chair of the department of emergency medicine at Scott & White.

I head on the radio on the way home that the call for blood donations has been satisfied, and they’re closed for that now.

I have nothing but respect for those in uniform, and have no words for the families of those killed and wounded by a traitor in their midst.

We’re going to hear a lot about this murderous POS, and not enough about the dedicated soldiers who rescued their fellow men and women. Just like the VA Tech shooter, I’d like nothing more than to name him an Un-Person.

6,000 dollars a minute for your deceased son in the UC Davis Trauma Center

Wow. Just wow:

Hospital bill stuns slain student’s parents

By Sam Stanton

“It was just devastating and insulting,” Gerald Hawkins said Monday. “It’s just hard to grasp for words. My wife and I were near collapse.”

On Saturday, 10 days after Scott Hawkins was beaten to death inside his dormitory at California State University, Sacramento, his parents got a letter in the mail.

It contained a bill from the UC Davis Medical Center for $29,186.50 along with a form letter addressed “Dear Patient” that implied they were indigent and stated that the hospital no longer could provide them services.

“UC Davis can no longer provide follow-up care or any other non-emergency care to you,” it read. “Please go to a County clinic for all non-emergency care or to get a referral to another doctor.”

For Gerald and Elizabeth Hawkins, it was just too much to bear.

So, their son is a victim of a homicide, at the ripe old age of nineteen. In a UC Dorm. No doubt a bright person with an unlimited future, cut tragically short.

Contacted by The Bee on Monday, Carole Gan, a hospital spokeswoman, called the mailing “a mistake.”

You don’t say.

She said she was limited in what information she could provide about the medical care provided to Scott Hawkins, but said he arrived at the emergency room at 3:11 p.m. and was pronounced dead five minutes later.

“The trauma team did everything they could,” Gan said.

I’m more aware than most of the number of people involved in a Trauma Activation, and it’s a lot. Those peoples’ time has to be paid for.  It’s not, or shouldn’t be, $6,000/minute.

I’m also generally but not specifically aware of the obscenity of being sent a bill for nearly $30K for your son’s death. That is horrible, horrific and inexcusable on every level. For shame.


Condolences to the family.

Tulane surgeon stabbed to death in French Quarter home that was set fire

By Ramon Antonio Vargas, The Times-Picayune

October 31, 2009, 4:50PM

 http://www.nola.comA Tulane University plastic surgeon — known for healing the disfigured limbs and facial features of trauma victims and skin cancer patients with his scalpel — was knifed to death inside of his French Quarter home early Saturday.

      An arsonist then lit his home on fire in an apparent attempt to destroy any clues leading to his killer, according to authorities.

Dr. Ralph Edward Newsome Jr.,  45, died after being stabbed to death multiple times inside his three-story town house in the 900 block of Toulouse Street about 3 a.m. His body had no burns, and he had not inhaled any smoke, meaning someone set fire to the home after he was stabbed, New Orleans coroner’s chief investigator John Gagliano said.

Holy cow.  Condolences to his family.

It’s H1N1, not swine flu

I got a nice email from the American Meat Institute (representing pork producers, among others), politely asking that we stop saying ‘swine flu’:

Novel H1N1 is a human disease.  Pigs have not played any role in the spread of the virus.  We urge you to remind your reporters and producers that continued use of the term “swine flu” is inappropriate and ask that your coverage de-link the virus from pigs or pork.  We ask that you refrain from using pig graphics in your reporting as it reinforces the perception that a link has existed between the Novel H1N1 virus and pig production– something that is regrettable, inaccurate, yet commonly seen.

So, just say no to swine flu, it’s H1N1.