GruntDoc is Eight today

Eight years ago today, this inauspicious effort began.  I had no idea where it would go, where it would take me, how long it would last, or what I’d do with it.

Time hasn’t answered any of those questions, except ‘at least 8 years’.

Thanks Mom, and my other 9 readers, for checking in now and again.

Who are you, my audience?


That’s a good crowd.  Thanks for coming!

Lesson Over a Latte // Emergiblog

Some of our patients are made, not born…

(The story you are about to read is true.)

The day was uncharacteristically warm.

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After much thought, I have decided to end NHS BLOG DOCTOR.

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Farewell.  Thanks for the free entertainment!

Health Care Law Blog: AHLA Connections: Legal Implications of Health Care Social Media

The current issue of the American Health Lawyers Association's Connections magazine features an article I co-authored with fellow AHLA health lawyer, Jody Joiner, on the impact of social media use in health care.

The article, Risky Business: Treating Tweeting the Symptoms of Social Media (PDF version), is featured in the March 2010 issue of AHLA Connections (Vol.14, No. 3, March 2010), a health lawyer magazine for the health and life sciences law community.

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Nice overview of the concerns health care lawyers have about social media, twitter, blogs, etc.  Note that while pointing out the difficulties, at the end several common-sense answers are given,  none of which involve suppressing speech.

For which they’re to be commended: waaaay too often in medicine the reflex response to any complex problem in ‘no’ or ‘you can’t do that’, whether that response is the right answer or not.

Worth your time to read.

Disclosure: I met Mr. Coffield at BlogWorld in 2009.  He was a panelist in one panel, and could have had an entire day just by himself: that smart, and that good at explaining complex ideas. | Cataract surgery for me!

I’m having cataract surgery in the morning, so I covet your prayers for a successful procedure.

I guess it’s what happens when one’s beard begins to turn the color of a hillside with light snow.

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Best of luck to Dr. Leap (and moreso to his surgeon).  Prayers for one of the very best EM writers extant.

Emergency Medicine Bloggers | Life in the Fast Lane

Prompted by a series of tweets and buzzes pertaining to the knowledge base of Emergency Medicine bloggers we felt it was time to overhaul our ‘BlogRoll‘ and create a separate table for the Emergency bloggers, their twitter handles and RSS feeds.

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Nice list!  If you find an omission, please leave it there, and not here. | When you die, doctor…

This is a sample section from a new book I’m writing on the transition from residency to practice.

When you die:

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More astonishingly good advice from Dr. Leap.

Sam Ko’s Emergency Medicine Blog: Ten Emergency Medicine Websites I Love and Will Marry

Sam Ko’s Emergency Medicine Blog: Ten Emergency Medicine Websites I Love and Will Marry.

I am always please to be singled out, and am humbled to be mentioned with the other 9 excellent blogs in this category.

But, I’m already married.  So, there’s that.

TBTAM has THE post on the mammogram recommendations

A tour de force.  What medical blogging aspires to be:

The New Mammogram Guidelines – What You Need to Know

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you know that in mid-November, the US Preventive Services Task Force released new recommendations on screening mammography, in which they recommended against routine mammogram screening in women under age 50, and recommended that mammograms be every two years in women ages 50-74.

What you may not have heard is that the Task Force has acknowledged that the mammogram guidelines were poorly worded, and have revised their original statement to clarify their intentions, mostly by removing those two little words “Recommends against”.
Bravo.  Now even an ER doc understands…

Docnotes: Ten years of blogging

Docnotes: Ten years of blogging

Happy Birthday to (what I think is) the oldest continuous medical blog!  Ten years is forever in the world of blogs, kudos.

Money for Nothing, Healthcare for Free : PANDA BEAR, MD

Panda has roused himself to post again.

Money for Nothing, Healthcare for Free : PANDA BEAR, MD

Dead on, as usual.

Dr. Wes: US Health Care Reform Photoshop Contest

Dr. Wes: US Health Care Reform Photoshop Contest

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season and to make sure something on health care reform gets done before the end of the year, Dr. Wes and his wife, Diane, would like to propose the first (and perhaps only) US Healthcare Reform Photoshop Contest.

Bring us your snark, your wit, your creativity about the health care reform efforts encapsulated in a single photograph. Photographs in support or against the current efforts will be equally considered, and you, dear internet devotees, will be the final judge. The winner receives an iPod Touch.

Sheer genius. I only wish a) I knew enough about photoshop not to be a liability, and b) I had an imagination. Let’s see yours…(imagination).

Symtym lives one of every EM Docs’ nightmares: patient in your own ED

It’s a Friday, early afternoon, so the bike trail will be lightly used. Traveling through old Fair Oaks to take the wooden pedestrian bridge across the American River. Crossing the bridge there is a 180° turn on the south down–slope of the bridge that takes you back to the bike trail along the river—another 90° at the end of the bridge approach and you are heading west. Gravel! Gravel?

From following his Twitter feeds he’s recovering, though rib fractures will make you aware that we do breathe.  A lot.

Good reading, and he dodged a big bullet here.

Why I had to Quit Blogging. []

Why I had to Quit Blogging. []
I would like to relate why I had to stop blogging two years ago.

Azygous disappeared a while back, and wondered what had happened.  Now we know.

I hope this means he’s back for a good while…