Musings of a Dinosaur: Today is The Day

Musings of a Dinosaur: Today is The Day
Today is The Day

Today is the *official* release date for DECLARATIONS OF A DINOSAUR; 10 LAWS I’VE LEARNED AS A FAMILY DOCTOR. Not that this means much; Amazon has been shipping it for over a week. Still, the book is now officially out there.

Very neat!  Many congrats!

Happy 4th Blog Birthday to Emergiblog! And, a Grand Rounds!

Kim’s done an excellent job there, and is the moving force behind the BlogWorld Medblogger track.

Happy Birthday, Emergiblog!

While there, check out Grand Rounds

Dallas-Fort Worth hospitals turn to social networking sites to educate, market services | Top Stories |

Dallas-Fort Worth hospitals turn to social networking sites to educate, market services | Top Stories |

In the last year, a growing number of hospitals have discovered social media and they’re using it to educate the public, market their services and address health issues.

“It’s not about seeing how many Facebook friends we can make or how many Twitter followers we can get,” said Tim Hanners, senior vice president of corporate and community affairs for Cook Children’s Medical Center. “It’s a communication tool.”

I’m quoted in this article as well.  I do want to point out that the Twitter-enabled surgery was in Africa (and covered widely then, about 4 months ago), and was NOT at my hospital.

Same article cross-posted in the Houston Chronicle!  HT Dr. Bates

Doctor Charles is back!

It’s time to start writing again.

After a two year hiatus, I’m reopening the examining room. It’s dusty in here, I apologize. Some of you might remember me, others not.

I thought he would be back, though a two year hiatus meant he was out a lot longer than I thought he would be.

For those new to Dr. Charles, you’re in for a treat.  An excellent blogger, with a truly literary writing style.  I’d encourage you to add him to your RSS readers or your daily reads.

Change of Shift Begins Fourth Year: Volume Four, Number One // Emergiblog

Change of Shift Begins Fourth Year: Volume Four, Number One // Emergiblog

The pre-eminent Nursing Compendium gets more mature, and more fun. Many congratulations.

Dr. Wes: Are Doctors Sheeple?

Dr. Wes: Are Doctors Sheeple?
…Meanwhile, the politicians and lawyers smile…

Dr Wes is on fire. We’re not sheeple, though; they’re led by whoever says ‘follow me’. Dealing with docs is probably more akin to herding cats.

Musings of a Dinosaur: Anonymity and Virginity

Musings of a Dinosaur: Anonymity and Virginity

Guess who has a book! (That’s actually less of a surprise to me than that she’s a she).

I’m going to order one, and I think you should, too.

Dead Blogs, Medical Edition.

Yes, it’s that time.  As a general rule either no posting for 3 months or an intentional abandonment will get you added to the heap of Dead Blogs (right sidebar, near the bottom).

Adventures in Medicine

Blogborygmi (this one hurts, and I suspect he’ll be back soon, but dead is dead) decided he wants to live!

Canadianmedicine, now Canadian Medicine News (a push)


Dr. Wannabe

Fat Doctor (again)

Fingers and Tubes in Every Orifice (again)

Glorfindel of Gondolin

Paging Dr Jess

Physicians, et al.

Pulmonary Roundtable (restarted at Facebook as a group.  Hmm.)

Pure Pedantry

Richard[Winters]MD (again)

Suburban Emergency

symtym (though planned) moved to quanta vie

Tales from the Emergency Room

The Doctor Blogger

The Physician Executive

Travel Nurse Aim

Tundra Medicine Dreams

Wait Time and Delayed Care

Wandering Visitor

What, Me Worry?

24 added to the Dead Blogs.  The circle (well, cliff) of blog-life continues.

If you’d like to be added to the ‘medical’ sidebar overe there, please drop me an email (not a comment here, an email, use the “Contact” page above).

I am sorry for your loss.

NYT Opinion: “Doctors’ Pay, a Key to Health Care Reform”

The by-line reads “The Editors” but it’s actually a compilation of Short editorials, two of which are by medical bloggers!  One is the usual suspect, Kevin, MD, and the other is Shadowfax from Movin’ Meat (his real name and a picture with hair is at the NYT).

They’re all good, and all presuppose that the system can be fixed without fundamentally changing the way people (patients) buy their healthcare.

Let patients see the menu, with the prices.  Let hospitals, doctors, and vendors compete, out in the open.  Lift the veil of secrecy about what company x pays vs y, and let’s let the rational consumer decide what they want to spend.  I would trust the wisdom of purchasers over those of government rule-makers every day.

Dr. Wes: An Open Letter To Patients Regarding Health Reform

Dr. Wes: An Open Letter To Patients Regarding Health Reform
Dear Mr. and Ms. Patient,

It has come to my attention that in order for your to enjoy success as patients in the new era of health care reform, you must start working now to prevent illnesses that might befall you. Do not, under any circumstances, eat or drink too much.


Paging Dr. Flea

The Trial Of A WhiteCoat – Part 1 « WhiteCoat’s Call Room
The Trial Of A WhiteCoat – Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts I’m going to do about my malpractice trial.
Names and minor facts about the patient and his family have been changed.
Everything else is the real deal.


Am I wrong to want an intervention here? Okay, it’s his career, but, for the Love of God man, stop. Tell us all about it after it’s over.

M.D.O.D.: An Answer to Hugh Hewitt

M.D.O.D.: An Answer to Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is a popular radio talk show host, an accomplished academic within the legal profession, a keen political commentator, and an evangelical Christian. He has dedicated this week on his show to physician callers, and asks, in short, what the hell we are doing sitting on our hands while Obama and his cohorts push to completely wreck the best medical system in the world, and thereby, our livelihoods.

I have an answer and it’s hopefully not going to come off as an excuse. It is quite simple,

And you’ll have to go there to read it. Nice work!

Kevin, MD says hello.

I had an IM session with him just now. His blog migration is taking longer than planned, he hopes to be back up and running by Monday at the latest.

AMA – New AMA Collaboration With Physician Blogger

AMA – New AMA Collaboration With Physician Blogger

KevinMD: Blogger, editorialist, and now so important Organized Medicine needs him to get their message out. Way to go, Dr. Pho!

Prologue « Ten out of Ten

Prologue « Ten out of Ten
…So I’ve come a long way, surviving this adolescent growth spurt, with most of my teen angst now behind me. But it’s funny how life works, just as you find one career obstacle safely in your rearview mirror, another one pops up unexpectedly in front of you. And once again I found myself in unfamiliar territory, flying by the seat of my pants, trying to make the right decisions. It’s a long story that I’ll break up over a series of upcoming posts.

Start here, and read the follow-ons.  It’s The Nightmare for independent EM groups.