The Great Plavix Disaster

Really interesting reading about the business and politics behind a popular drug, and why the cost of Plavix will be coming down soon.The Great Plavix Disaster

I’ve been remiss in not covering the Plavix situation, which is quite a story. The huge-selling anticoagulant is marketed in the US by Bristol-Meyers Squibb and in the rest of the world by Sanofi-Aventis…

It’s worth the time.

BBC Invents New Germ: the E. coli “virus”

E.coli airlift for four-year-old: "A four-year-old boy suffering from the E.coli virus is airlifted to hospital as the number of cases rises to 108 ."


The BBC invents a new Germ


(Via BBC News.)

They describe E. coli, a bacteria, as a virus. Twice. This is not to make light of their outbreak, but makes me wonder about the basics of medical reportage.

Update 9/25/04 @ 0845: the story has been significantly rewritten.  Viruses are no longer referred to, but E. coli isn’t described as being a bacteria, either.