Blogs and gender

There is some gender disorder elsewhere in the medblogosphere, but not here:


More than 83% actually, but given the horrible returns of some bloggers, I won’t make a big deal of it.

via Scalpel – Round The Clock Medical News Aggregator

If you’re like me, there’s never enough to read on the internet.

There’s now a cure, for the medical world at least: – Round The Clock Medical News Aggregator.

As introduced by Dr. Subrahmanyam Karuturi::

Medical Cavity is a one stop website for medical news worldwide. It is a
single web page which wraps up the latest headlines from the trusted
medical news sources worldwide. It gives you a quick glance on what’s
happening in the medical world. Medical Cavity is the starting point for
Doctors to navigate the world of medicine.

Website :

I salute Dr. Karturi, and will be visiting frequently.

Askimet: A bloggers’ best friend

Bloggers are afflicted with a lot of comment and trackback spam.  How much, you ask, thrilled at the concentrated navel-gazing necessary to care about such matters?


Thanks to the latest Askimet update, I can show you, in graphic form:



Yes, the pink part is spam, the blue part is ‘ham’. as they amusingly term actual, wanted comments. Additionally, they have this amusing explanation of the ‘ham’ thing:

What the heck is ham doing on my blog? I’m a vegetarian.

Spam most people know as the unwanted commercial comments on their blog, its counterpart we call ham to indicate legitimate comments. On the Akismet mistakes side, missed spam is pretty self-explanitory, but a false positive is what it’s called when we incorrectly identify a legitimate comment as spam. (Which hopefully happens exceedingly rarely.) Also, we’re sorry about the vegetarian thing.

Thanks, Askimet, from bloggers everywhere.  And a pox upon spammers.

Fingers And Tubes In Every Orifice – Back from the Dead.

Fingers And Tubes In Every Orifice

Moved out of Dead Blogs.  Back, and wih a long and thoughtful post.

Death, then Life…blogroll style

Well, if I’m going to pronounce blogs dead, I should add some I don’t have already.

So, this is my one and only invitation to drop a link to your blog I don’t already link to, for the next week or two, and I’ll have a look.

This does NOT guarantee an addition to my blogroll.  I typically don’t link until there’s 2 or 3 months worth of posts, so you won’t have a blog-crib death (which makes me overly emotional), and then, well, I’m a little picky.  So you don’t write, or call, all hurt and everything.

Dead Blogs

Time to prune the blog rolls.  No posts in a while?  Your blog is deceased.  (Yes, like the Norwegian Blue Parrot).

It’s a hobby, not a career.

Dr. Wes: Bloggers Beware

Dr. Wes: Bloggers Beware
Dear Blog-o-sphere:

I was going to tell you about a little problem I had in June that concluded last Friday, but I have reconsidered.

I have read this three times.  It’s just vague enough to be worrisome, and the ending doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the body of the post.

Can someone ‘splain it to me?

Another interesting effort to include docs ’round the world in a social networking experiment using blogs.

Clinical Cases and Images – Blog: Who blogs? Personality predictors of blogging

Clinical Cases and Images – Blog: Who blogs? Personality predictors of blogging
The Big Five personality inventory measures personality based on 5 key traits:

1. neuroticism
2. extraversion
3. agreeableness
4. openness to experience
5. conscientiousness

Well, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad.

What a junk comment looks like: A Warning to Comment Trolls

This blog was just graced with an awesome comment, and I didn’t want anyone to miss it.

The piercing insight into the post, the added information for us all to share, the affirmation of the central thesis, the rebuttal of other less well-thought-out details, it is, in fact, the best blog comment eveah:

New comment on your post #2783 “Tundra Medicine Dreams: Moving. Ugh.”
Author : David Zahaluk, MD (IP: ,
E-mail : Zahaluk@

URI    :
Whois  :
Great job!  We physicians need to keep connected and you have moved the conversation forward.  But why are there so few blogs concerning the business of running a practice?  That’s why I started my blog at  I hope I live up to the high standards you have set.
David Zahaluk, MD
Founder MIP Practice PerformanceYou can see all comments on this post here:

Oh, wait, that’s not what it was, at all.  It was shameless self promotion from someone too lazy to write and ask for a link (which I usually do), and so clueless he thinks dumping this stinking fish in my comments was both warranted and acceptable.  Doofus.
Every blogger gets this kinda junk, and I will typically delete it and and the idiot, but I’m tired of it.
So, Kudos to you, David Zahaluk, MD!  Yours is a message constrained by neither decency nor taste, and now you get the full, front-page treatment you knew you deserved all along, but were too shy/arrogant/presumptuous to ask for!  Congratulations!
(In his defense, he probably thought this was an abandoned blog given my recent posting frequency, making this more of a cynical, take-advantage-of-a-dead-blog for a Google rank / Technorati page rank thing.)
Holy Crap!  It’s a gift that keeps on giving!  While composing this, I got the following update comment:
Whois  :
Sorry, I misquoted my blog address.  It’s actually for those who share my interest in practice building.



So, not just all of the above, but an incompetent linker, to boot.  Wow.  When I though it couldn’t get better…

(Yes, I’m aware of the irony that this will give the comment dumper more attention than he’d get otherwise, but it’s worth it for the satisfaction of getting this off my chest.  And, yes, I went ahead and banned him anyway).

Holy Crap2! The link takes you to some admin page, so I’ve had to modify it somewhat to assuage my conscience. Check his ‘blog’ link, though, so you won’t miss the credit card spam there since August 17th (I have a screen cap).

Addicted to Medblogs: Dr. August is . . . Kevin, MD

Addicted to Medblogs: Dr. August is . . . Kevin, MD

Another in the excellent series.

Blogging, per Lewis Black

kung fu grippe

“ Blogging is like masturbating into a mirror while you videotape yourself so you can watch it later while you masturbate”.

Lewis Black

No mirrors were involved in the making of this post.

Medical blogs for doctors and patients alike – Los Angeles Times

Medical blogs for doctors and patients alike – Los Angeles Times

Here’s a roundup of some of the best-known medblogs. Go to the sites, however, and these doctors might introduce you to even more.

Incredibly flatering to be included in this list of excellent medical bloggers (there are more out there, but this is a good starting list).

For the record, I have never been a Marine Infantryman; I was a Navy doctor assigned to the USMC, and was very proud to serve with the green side.  I identify with the USMC more than the Navy (probably ‘gone native’).

Blogborygmi Passes the Torch

Grand Rounds: Change of the Guard

When this series started, the word “blogger” was just entering the public consciousness. The value of healthcare blogs — to entertain, inform, and improve understanding — this was clear to us, but we weren’t really sure if anyone outside our group would ever notice.

Two hundred weeks later, every major media site has a blog on medicine and health, the industry is paying to access what physicians write online, and the transparency of blogging is transforming healthcare from the ground up (or, in some cases, from the top down).

Healthcare bloggers now have access to figures like the Surgeon General or AMA president. Healthcare bloggers write op-eds for major papers, appear on TV, and publish books.

Grand Rounds, I think, has had a role in this. …

He thinks correctly.

Please go and read it all.  I won’t steal the end, but it appears Nick has chosen worthy successors and I look forward to a continuation of Grand Rounds, whatever its direction.

Nick Genes is as talented a blogger as there is, and Grand Rounds has been his baby from the beginning.  He’s shown remarkable patience with its growing pains (and didn’t tell me to be quiet when I griped about ‘themed’ rounds), in short he was just the leader the time and situation needed.  I look forward to his EM graduation so we can have more of his time as a blogger (darned Chief Residency lifestyle…).

GruntDoc wouldn’t be anywhere without Nick and Grand Rounds; the exposure of contributing early and often drove up my traffic to all 9 of you, and I have Nick to thank for that, too.

Thanks Nick, for letting me participate, and for keeping the best medical blog carnival rolling along!


The MedGadget guys have the courage of their blogging convictions, and have started a new site focused on medical politics:

MedPolitics is a blogging platform and a social network maintained for and by US physicians. Our primary focus is on the politics of healthcare. If you are an American doctor who feels strongly about the challenges our profession is facing, consider to join our community.


Yes, if you’re a physician, and are interested in blogging there, join up!


I’m on the fence about joining, and not because of Dr. Ostrovsky or any of the MedGadget folks, it’s just that I have so little to fill this blog I don’t know if I should dilute what little output I have now.  Time will tell.


Best of luck to MedPolitics!