Why does Apple suck at this so badly?

Today was the much anticipated roll-out of the new iPhone, and the newest OS for the iPhones (3.0).

It was entirely foreseeable there would be enormous demand for both.  Again, they’re unprepared.  (This was after enough tries I realized it wasn’t going to work today).

iphone_nonactivate Makes me wonder at their strategy.

Update: worked perfectly today (one day after the above).  Cannot tell a huge improvement, except the landscape mail view is more than welcome.

I’m not dead…

Just my hard drive crashed. I’m in the midst of a prolonged restoration project.

No data lost, but a lot of re-installation, etc.

EETimes.com – Handheld ultrasound gets FDA approval

EETimes.com – Handheld ultrasound gets FDA approval
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Startup Signostics got approval Tuesday (May 19) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ship what it claims is the world’s smallest ultrasound device. The company describes its pocket-sized, half-pound Signos that sells for about $4,000 as a visual stethoscope and hopes it will someday become as omnipresent as the signature doctor’s tool.

I’d love to try one out for a few shifts. We use sonography a lot in our ED, and having it even more poratble / readily available would be a benefit.

Thanks to reader Don for the tip!

iPhone display of this blog

I have installed a plugin for WordPress that displays the blog contents on the iPhone on a more user-friendly way.  If you don’t like it you can click the link at the very bottom of the page and get the full view.

I’d be interested in iPhone users’ comments.

iPhone weirdness, ATT & wrong numbers

I’m throwing this out there hoping someone has a solution.

Since I got my new iPhone several months ago it’ll go through periods where it gets a lot of wrong number calls.  After several weeks of this I started asking people the number they were calling, and that’s where the weirdness comes in.

(For illustration, this isn’t my number, don’t call).  My number is (817) 555-1234’ all the wrong number calls are for (555) 123-4xxx.  For some reason the Bell system forgets my area code and drops in the middle three as my area code.

After about 10 calls from one person we figured out a fix, having the wrong number dialer enter a 1 before they dialed, and they’d get the number they were dialing.  I suppose the good news is there’s only about 1,000 wrong number combinations I could get…

I have asked AT&T to look into it (to his credit the tech I spoke with realized it’s not something amenable to the first-level tech script, and spared me that), but I haven’t seen a change and haven’t heard back from them.

Other than getting a new number from AT&T, any ideas?

From The Speculist: When Engineers Have Pets

Should really be when engineers have dogs, as no cat on earth would play with this.

Still, very cool!:


Note the dog understands which action of the machine means ‘game on’ and which doesn’t.

The Speculist, via Instapundit.

I may need to adjust my cellphone plan


USB-based PHRs are Dumb Idea « Chilmark Research

USB-based PHRs are Dumb Idea « Chilmark Research

We have commented many times before that the whole idea of a USB-based (thumbdrive) PHR is simply a dumb idea.

Read the post to see why they think that.

Our joint has disabled the USB ports on the boxes, so I don’t know what we’d do if a patient presented us with a USB PHR.

via symtym via twitter.

One reason I love my ISP

They’re very good, and my connection is pretty good, too:


Yee hah.

The iPhone is changing my lifestyle

Used to be, in the dark ages of blogging (thank Mr Gore, PBUH) that to keep up with the intarwebs I needed to be at my big computer in the house. While waiting for someone else to post, I’d blog.

Now that I can see the intertubes easily while on the move, my desktop is less and less relevant. Twitter has contributed to this as well, as keeping up with the Vals, Ramonas, Tims, Vijays, Robs and lobsters is easy.

Change I can live with.

New Style for GruntDoc

I’m trying to appeal to more readers.  Click here for a preview.


via InstaPundit.

iPhone medical app review: Medical Terminology and Abbreviations Quick Reference

I’ve been using the above iPhone program for the last month or so, and here’s a short review and interview of the programmer.  Disclosures: they gave me a free $1.99 copy to use.

My review: a very useful reference for those new to medical terminology, or who teach the same group.  Could use a search function, but otherwise it’s worth the price.

My review after the fold:

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How the Yellow Line gets on the Football Field

Unsurprisingly it’s technical, but excellently explained:

I’ve tucked it below the fold, as it autostarts and that’s annoying.  Also, I’m not smart enough to keep it from autostarting…

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Tech bleg completed

Wow, thanks to all for the quick and informative replies.

Following Phil’s advice, the Trojan Remover did an excellent job of scraping out the major trojan, which freed up the rest of the system to check out normally.

SpyBot S&D then found another trojan, a bunch of malware, and it all got scrubbed.

Taking the advice of Robin, I will make a restore point after ad-aware finishes, deleting the older versions.

I really like the 9 of you that read this blog.  Thanks.

Another tech bleg

My son is home from law school, which is terrific. He brought his laptop, which apparently has a good, or a series of good, malware programs.

The combo has it so his IE won’t go to windows update, other addresses get hijacked in the browser, and it seems to prevent Spybot Search and Destroy from launching. Likewise Adaware.

I tried running Spybot from a copy on USB, no luck. The antivirus cannot find it, let alone fix it.