Change of Shift: Volume Three, No. 1 // Emergiblog

Change of Shift: Volume Three, No. 1 // Emergiblog
This edition of Change of Shift marks the beginning of its third year.

In celebration, I asked nurse bloggers to send in their first posts and tell us a bit about why they started blogging.

I was surprised at how long some of my colleagues have been writing about their nursing adventures, sharing their lives and opinions.

Many thanks to all the bloggers, nursing and otherwise, who have supported CoS over the last two years and to all who have hosted the carnival.

Let’s get started!

And many happy returns!

Epocrates: Go Mobile

Some love for Epocrates.

I used Epocrates on Palms for a few years, then was an early adopter of Epocrates on the Backberry platform, and it had a glitch; they fixed it within a week, and it’s been smooth sailing/computing since (see here).

For those who aren’t using it yet, here’s a starting point: Epocrates: Go Mobile Their site will even help you pick which PDA/Mobile phone is best for you.

I use their free product, so this is essentialy a free endorsement, but here goes:

In this day and age of new drugs, continuously changing warnings, and patients on multiple drugs needing interaction checking, some resource is needed, and Epocrates is an excellent product.  It’s (relatively) easy to install, it will update automatically, and it works.  There are things I’d change if it were my product (like this: look up a drug name that’s been discontinued, you get ‘drug discontinued in the US’, but no link to the generic; I now have to back out, and re-search with the generic name: Dumb.) but for a handy, functional drug reference it’s hard to beat.

I use it, and if you don’t have a drug reference in a PDA, this is one you should look at.

My wife got a dental implant t…

My wife got a dental implant today. Frankly, I always thought if I were to spend a lot of money on implants, they wouldn’t be dental.

18 admitted patients sitting i…

18 admitted patients sitting in the ED, waiting on a bed. 18 beds that cannot be used by ED patients to be seen.

Tim Russert dies suddenly afte…

Tim Russert dies suddenly after a trip to Italy. PE?

Imagine the fun

Imagine the fun
Of the deaf patient and utterly no ASL interpreter available.

Now give the patient you’re trying very hard to communicate difficulty writing, difficulty with vision, and more than three chief complaints.


I have had to be a morning per…

I have had to be a morning person for 5 days in a row now. Its not for me.

At work I’m lucky that I can give away my mornings to others …

It’s another beautiful day. A…

It’s another beautiful day. Another day spent indoors.

Funny I don’t gripe about my indoor job in January.

Jm Mckay died. I’ll never thi…

Jm Mckay died. I’ll never think of him without thinking of the Munich massacre. Not fair to him, but life’s not fair.

There’s a doc walking around w…

There’s a doc walking around with a “vote for Reagan” lapel pin.

I’m told people are commenting…

I’m told people are commenting to my twits (these posts) on Facebook. Hmm, now I need to recheck my facebook.

Going back to work after a vac…

Going back to work after a vacation really seems to defeat the purpose of the vacation.

John Wayne Orange County airpo…

John Wayne Orange County airport (SNA) is the best SoCal airport. Beats LAX hands down.

Travelling home today. Short b…

Travelling home today. Short but very entertaining vacation.

California Screamin’. Too fun …

California Screamin’. Too fun for words.