Happy Anniversary honey!

Happiest angry bird competitor ever.

Thanks for the 24 terrific years. I love you. … [Continue reading]

Weird things I notice


Carnival cruise lines took some hits recently with ships that had power problems. I figured they'd overcome those issues, but didn't know how. Now I know. On both of the Carnival boats we saw on a recent cruise, there's this: So it's easier … [Continue reading]

A rare Disney screwup

A few too many

The family (minus a couple) went on a Disney Cruise lines cruise for Christmas. It was the Happiest Boat on Earth while we were there, and a good time was had by all*. Astonishingly, I accidentally walked into a bar on the ship, which had just … [Continue reading]

By my brother’ book: Think Fast Enchilada Edition

Until today, Think Fast – The Racer’s Why-To Guide to Winning was available exclusively in paperback form. Here is the link to the Kindle Edition of Think Fast. Everything in the print edition is in there – it’s the whole enchilada, but one that you … [Continue reading]

Last minute shopping for a gearhead?

Look no further than KaleCoAuto.com ! Any place that has both blinker fluid and heavy duty clutch belts has just what you need for the speed freak in your life. (Seriously, how does somebody have the time and talent to make a site like … [Continue reading]

Birth Day for brother and niece!

For my little brother (who's taller and smarter than me, thank goodness I'm better looking): He's a touch older than in this picture (he was the lead mechanical engineer making this thing fly, in one year):   And, to my niece Annie! … [Continue reading]

Joy to The World, USAF Band style, at the Smithsonian

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Pearl Harbor

If you meet a Pearl Harbor vet, thank 'em. They're pretty rare (an 18 year old then would be 94 now...). Thanks to our Pearl Harbor vets. … [Continue reading]

Hilarious Tamiflu side-effect


Okay, it's not hilarious, it's funny that it's included as a side effect of Tamiflu (treatment for influenza): I'm not a huge fan of Tamiflu (for the neuropsychiatric side effects), but I saw this last night on my pocket brain, and had to look … [Continue reading]

Why the Zero Defect mentality will never work

At least, not in real life: ... The idea that “failure is not an option” is a fantasy version of how non-engineers should motivate engineers. That sentiment was invented by a screenwriter, riffing on an after-the-fact observation about Apollo 13; … [Continue reading]

Happy Birthday USMC!

SemperFi I post this every year, and I still enjoy it... … [Continue reading]

Grading a Physician’s Value — The Misapplication of Performance Measurement — NEJM

NEJM realized the PQRS Emperor has no clothes. Perhaps the only health policy issue on which Republicans and Democrats agree is the need to move from volume-based to value-based payment for health care providers. Rather than paying for activity, the … [Continue reading]

Spin in the cancelled-policy articles

All the articles about cancelled Individual Insurance plans have some variation of this spin in them: For some who have received the letters, the new plans being offered are more expensive, but for others — especially those who qualify for a federal … [Continue reading]

AAPS Sues to Stop the Unlawful Revisions to ObamaCare

A constitutional argument. From docs: The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) has filed a lawsuit today in federal court to halt the unlawful revisions to ObamaCare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). The … [Continue reading]

Obamacare Is the Worst-Case Scenario | National Review Online

I'm not usually up this early. Ate a lot of carbs last evening, paying the price all night. And today. Probably tomorrow, from the course of events.   Enough about me. This is a nice summary of thoughts on Obamacare: ...What do we have to … [Continue reading]