Google News screws up (a little)

I have a Google News Alert set for Emergency Medicine, and delete 99% of them.  I noticed this one, as it’s about the MedGadget interview I just linked to.

Here’s what caught my attention:

The text, for those who have trouble with the screen cap:

Google News Alert for: Emergency Medicine

Medgadget Interviews Dr. J. James Rohack, President-elect of the AMA – San Francisco,CA,USA
He’s a resident of emergency medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. Many pundits and experts believe that the US government will improve access to primary
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Heh.  That’sn accurate description of Dr. Nick Genes, who’s a contributor to MedGadget, but the interviewer was Dr. Michael Ostrovsky, an anesthesiologist (on the West Coast somewhere).

Ah, well.  It’s nice they’re talking about you fellows!