Great moments in Amazon packaging: Updated and Bumped

Update: this morning there was a message on my answering machine, from an Vice President, asking me to call him in relation to this post.

I called, and he was very polite and apologetic about the packaging, which I think was a problem in that it’s an excessive box for the item, necessitating a lot of the plastic air-cushions, but much worse, the electronics are in the corner, where the damage happens, without any padding.

He tells me Amazon plans to change their packaging ‘of this product’, and others like it, in response to this blog post. It was a terrific customer service interaction. Their responsiveness is nothing short of amazing, and they’re to be commended.

And, there’s another lesson here having nothing to do with packaging: this is a semi-anonymous blog, and within a day of posting Amazon figured out who I was without any trouble whatever. Don’t think you’re anonymous on the internet.

From Amazon, today (originally posted 18MAR08 @ 1850):


This is amusing, and the electronics work, but it’s one of those “what were they thinking?” things…