Death, then Life…blogroll style

Well, if I’m going to pronounce blogs dead, I should add some I don’t have already.

So, this is my one and only invitation to drop a link to your blog I don’t already link to, for the next week or two, and I’ll have a look.

This does NOT guarantee an addition to my blogroll.  I typically don’t link until there’s 2 or 3 months worth of posts, so you won’t have a blog-crib death (which makes me overly emotional), and then, well, I’m a little picky.  So you don’t write, or call, all hurt and everything.

More Dead Blogs

As I have no life, I went through my blogroll this evening and unfortunately added several blogs to the “Dead” blogroll. Generally, no posts in more than 3 months, or taking your blog private makes it a functionally dead blog.

It’s amazing to me how many really good bloggers just get bored, or tired, or decide it’s not for them. (If I’ve added a blog in error, please let me know).

  • Ace of Trump
  • ChaiTeaLatte
  • Capsules
  • code:theWebSocket (that one hurts)
  • Doctor
  • Dr. Dork
  • Dr. Hebert’s Medical Gumbo
  • Flea (no explanation needed)
  • richard[Winters]md (he who got me into this)
  • Trench Doc
  • Dr. Tony
  • Health Care BS
  • Medical (Sen Bill Frists’ blog)
  • Mr. Code Brown
  • Neo Nurse Chic
  • Push Fluids
  • Scared to Health
  • Subaqua Sternal Rubs
  • Tales of an MD/PhD Student
  • the MUSC Tiger (shifted blogs)
  • Women, Fire and Dangerous Things

21 20 19 added (and two removed!). (For their URL’s, please see the sidebar. It got depressing after a while so I’m not adding the links here).