Locked iPhone ICE information: an App to fix

Recently I asked if people were still putting ICE (In Case of Emergency) information in their cellphones.  (The surprising answer was yes, showing that it’s an idea that resonates, at least with my audience).

I lamented that I have that information in my iPhone, but since it’s passcoded no rescuer would be able to access my dutifully entered ICE contact information.  (I then had delusions of retiring on just such an app).

There is a solution.  It’s brilliantly simple, and works. Polka have written an iPhone app called “Close Call” that fits the bill perfectly.  And it’s free!

I made one for this review, using a picture in my camera:


Many thanks to Ramona for finding this!


FTC disclaimer: this was completely voluntary.  I paid for my own free app.

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MedGadget Sci-Fi Contest: Please Meet the Winner!

Medical Sci-Fi Contest: Please Meet the Winner!

And now, the moment of truth… The winner, is A’Llyn Ettien with a story called Immigrants, a tale of ethical dilemmas of child bearing and parenting in the potentially bleak realities of the future.

I was again flattered to have been a judge, and to have read the excellent entries. Many thanks to MedGadget for having this contest, and for the fine folks at ScrubsGallery.com for the prize (an iPhone), and to all the contestants, every one of whom write better than yrs trly.

Follow the link and read the top three. It’s worth your time.