New Grad Advice 2008

Shadowfax started a nice thread, and the impressive 10/10 added to it today, a list of advice for new EM grads. Read their advice, but here’s mine:

  1. Lease, don’t buy. Way more than half of new grads change jobs within two years. I know, it’ll never happen to you, but here’s the thing: I was you. I got my ‘dream job’, bought a beautiful home in a perfect neighborhood. I sold and moved in 10 months. It’s a really nice way to lose a lot of money. It can happen to you.
  2. Be humble. True, you’re at the absolute top of your game, you know the best literature on every subject, and can intubate with your off hand in the dark, blindfolded. Your new colleagues have been practicing EM for a very long time, and while they’d be interested in your incremental knowledge of the state-of-the-art, they’re not itching for you to enlighten them. Open your ears, listen, and learn. (Use your filter: there’s a pony in there somewhere). [Read more…]