Home flooding

Home floods suck.

Yesterday, I was getting more coffee (again, coffee saves) and the washer was making a ‘funny, splashy’ noise. I went to look, and the ‘funny splashy’ noise was water cascading out of the washer, and running across the floor. Goody.

The water was shut off, barriers were set, though I couldn’t keep water from raining into the basement (damn gravity). The wet-vac again proved its worth, and if you don’t have one, go get one right now, and finish reading this later. Mine holds 16 gallons, and we filled it twice, though once just from the washer tub.

Anyway, no permanent harm done, and now the floor is really dry and clean under the laundry appliances. The ceiling in the basement is drying out nicely, and the dryer ran nonstop to get the very wet clothes (wrung out) at least functionally dry.

I have a long and ugly (though amusing) personal history of household floods, one caused directly by my own negligence. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you about one.
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